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Asia is a geographical continent containing the central and eastern part of Eurasia.

Asia may also refer to:



People with the given name Asia[edit]

  • Asia of Diauehi, a king of the ancient people of the Diauehi in northeastern Anatolia (circa 850–825 BC)
  • Asia Alfasi (born 1984), British manga artist
  • Asia Argento (born 1975), Italian actress
  • Asia Bibi (Asia Noreen), sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy
  • Asia Booth (1835–1888), sister of John Wilkes Booth
  • Asia Carrera (born 1973), American actress
  • Asia Muhammad (born 1991), American tennis player

People with the surname Asia[edit]

  • Daniel Asia (born 1953), American composer
  • Mr Asia, New Zealand drug dealer Marty Johnstone



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