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Asia Carrera
Asia Carrera iafd.jpg
Carrera in 2003.
Born Jessica Steinhauser[1]
(1973-08-06) August 6, 1973 (age 43)[2]
New York City, New York, U.S.[2]
Residence St. George, Utah, U.S.[3]
Nationality American
Other names Asia Lemmon[1][4]
Education Rutgers University
Home town Little Silver, New Jersey
Height 5 ft 8 12 in (174 cm)[2]
Weight 128 lb (58 kg)
Spouse(s) Bud Lee (1995–2003; divorced)[2]
Don Lemmon (2003–2006; widowed)[2]
Website Official website

Asia Carrera Lemmon (born Jessica Steinhauser[5] on August 6, 1973) is an American former pornographic actress.[2]

Early life[edit]

Asia Carrera was born Jessica Steinhauser[5][6] in New York City to a German mother and Japanese father,[7] the eldest of four siblings.[8] She was raised on Lippincott Road[9] in Little Silver, New Jersey, attending the Little Silver School District and Red Bank Regional High School. She studied piano as a child and performed at Carnegie Hall twice before the age of 15.[2] At the age of 16, she taught English at Tsuruga College in Tsuruga, Fukui, Japan.[2][10]

Carrera won a National Merit Scholarship for scoring over 1440 on the SAT,as well as a Garden State Scholarship for her grades. She attended Rutgers University on full academic scholarship, where she majored in Japanese and business, but did not graduate.[2] Carrera is a member of Mensa,[2][10][11] with an IQ of 156.[1][12]


Adult film career[edit]

Carrera's adult film career ran from 1993 to 2003 and included over 400 films and video features.[13] According to interviews, she chose her stage name surname from actress Tia Carrere, changing the spelling for legal reasons.[14]

Carrera was the first Asian performer ever to win the award AVN Female Performer of the Year Award.[15]

Carrera lent her voice to several erotic hentai OVAs for publisher Pink Pineapple, such as Inmu (2001)[16] and Shusaku (1999).[17] In October 2001, Carrera attended the Big Apple Anime Fest in New York City for her voice roles and along with Kobe Tai was an Opening Night Guest of Honor at the fest's Midnight Anime Concourse.[18]

Carrera was also in the 2010 documentary After Porn Ends, which is about life after being a porn actor.[19]

Other work[edit]

In 1998, she appeared in an uncredited cameo role in the film The Big Lebowski in the faux pornographic movie Logjammin' within the film.[20][21]

Carrera was a guest reviewer for Maximum PC magazine.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Carrera on a film set in 2002.

Carrera is an atheist.[6][23] As of November 2014, she wore a colander on her head for her Utah driver's license photograph. State law normally prohibits the wearing of hats in driver license photos, but there is an exception for religious headwear, and Carerra's colander was worn in honor of the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster;[1][4] she is one of about a dozen "Pastafarian" Utahns who have worn a colander in their official state ID photos.[24]

In September 1995, Carrera married adult film director Bud Lee. They divorced in 2003, but remain good friends.[2] Carrera dated a former grip from her porn sets for a few years until his visa expired and he returned to England. She married nutritionist and author Don Lemmon on December 19, 2003,[2] after which she took the name Asia Lemmon.[25] The couple moved to St. George, Utah, where Lemmon gave birth to her first child, daughter Catalina, on March 4, 2005.[2][26] Don Lemmon was killed in a car accident near Las Vegas on June 10, 2006. At the time, Lemmon was almost eight months pregnant with their second child, son Devin.[27] Concerned about her livelihood and worries of not being able to support her two children on her own, Lemmon began to solicit donations on her personal web site.[28][29] Eventually, Lemmon was notified by an insurance company that a life insurance policy she had forgotten about did exist for her husband, and she was granted it after mandatory investigation.[29]

On May 13, 2007, she announced on her website that she had filed a request to legally change her son's name from Donald Edward Lemmon III to Devin Lemmon to her husband. "Devin D'Artagnan Lemmon" had been what Lemmon and Don had originally planned to name their son, but after Don's death, Lemmon named the boy after his father, a decision she regretted soon after. She explained that "He's not Don, he never will be Don, and it made me want to start crying every time a random stranger would say, 'Oh he's so cute, what's his name?'" The state made an error in changing the boy's name, however, and he is legally named "Devin D'Artagnan Lemmon III."[30]

On April 14, 2010, Lemmon confessed on her blog that she became an alcoholic after Don's death, that she had joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and was in her third week of sobriety. She emphasized that she still did not believe in God, as such a belief is "actually not mandatory for joining AA."[31] Lemmon later gave birth to a boy she named Niko. On September 21, 2012, she wrote on her Facebook page that she gave him up for adoption.[32]

On March 5, 2015, Carrera was charged with "driving under the influence with a child," since her daughter was in the car with her, lodged at the Purgatory Correctional Facility and released on bail.[33][34][35]

She identified investor Warren Buffett as her hero on her website,[36] which Buffett was pleased to learn.[37]

Lemmon stated that her children are "twice-exceptional" which means they are gifted in some areas and delayed in others. Catty struggles with anxiety and her Devin is autistic and has ADHD. Lemmon states that there are few professionals trained specifically in helping such children. Catty was was rejected from entering kindergarten for being too young at age four, so Lemmon struggled to keep her academically challenged, homeschooling her and Devin for 10 years.

In November 2016, Lemmon and her family were living in St. George, Utah, where Lemmon was a sophomore psychology major at Dixie State University. Since there was no school appropriate for Catty, who had already gotten an A in a college pre-calculus class over the summer and scored a perfect grade on Dixie State's math placement test, Lemmon decided to enroll the 11-year-old Catty in Dixie State as well. Catty began the Fall 2016 semester as a freshman education major, taking classes in trigonometry, English and art. She stated, "I don't have plans for what happens after college, because even after I graduate, I'll still be too young to drive or get a job."[25]

Commentary on the Susan Russell pornography case[edit]

In 2006, Carrera was asked for commentary by The Spectrum, a St. George, Utah-area newspaper, on the local case of Susan Russell, who was charged with 15 counts of third-degree felony distribution of pornographic material. Russell allegedly sold pornographic materials and sex toys from a back room in her Earrings and More store, potentially violating the "community standards" of the Mormon-dominated town per the Supreme Court case Miller v. California. Carrera opined:

"I deliberately moved to St. George with my husband so we could raise our kids in a conservative atmosphere, in a low-crime, family-friendly state. I do appreciate that the laws are there, and will make it harder for my kids to get into trouble when they get older."

However, she also said,

"Do I have a problem with porn being sold here? No, not per se. I have no problem with porn at all. Trust me, they don't exploit women, and watching porn has never been scientifically shown to lead to any increase in crime rates, be it rape, pedophilia, or any other sexual crimes."

Nevertheless, she reiterated that the community's conservatism was the reason she moved there, and that she had no plans to challenge it.[38]

Awards and nominations[edit]


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