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Asma Chaudhry is a Pakistani female journalist and anchor.[1] She is an anchor on the Neo News's program News Talk with Asma Chaudhry.[2] On April 7, 2012 Chaudhry joined Dawn News[3] as Deputy Editor Research and Analysis and Senior Anchor. Later, Aasma Chuadhary joined Capital TV and became anchor of program Mumkin. She was awarded Best Female Anchor, Current Affairs, at the Pakistan Media Awards. She worked for Capital TV for one and half years. She later became part of First Pakistani Current Affairs Channel, Channel 24. She is doing News Point in the prime time slot.[4]


Asma Chaudhry started her career as Sub Editor in Jang Group of News papers, Asma soon got associated with the state television and worked there as a producer. She was the recipient of PTV Award for program Vision Pakistan in 2003. Later she worked with the top rated channels of Pakistan as a producer and then anchored Program Parliament Cafeteria from parliament with prominent political personalities of Pakistan. As special diplomatic correspondent, she covered the AGRA summit, SAARC summit, us presidential elections 2008 and also visited for special assignments in USA, UK, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh. Chaudhry has also participated in IVL program by state department USA on Documentary Productions and Film Making.[5]

Asma Chaudhry also covered the AGRA Summit, SAARC Summit, US Presidential Elections 2008 and also visited USA, UK, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh for special assignments. She also participated in IVL program arranged by state department of USA on Documentary Productions and Film Making.[6]


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