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Assaf Bernstein (born 8 July 1970) is an Israeli film writer, director, and producer.

Life and works[edit]

Bernstein was born in Israel.

He directed the 2007 film The Debt (Hebrew: HaChov or HaHov), starring Gila Almagor, about three former Israeli Mossad agents who must confront a secret from their past. He also wrote and co-produced the film, and later helped write the 2010 U.S. English-language remake, also titled The Debt, starring Helen Mirren in the Gila Almagor role.

Before that, he had directed the 2001 Israeli TV movie "Run," about a young Ethiopian boy who had immigrated to Israel whose body is found in a trailer park trash pit. While few seem to care about the death, the two "mis-matched" police officers assigned to investigate learn more and more about the outcasts of Israel, and in the process, much about themselves as well.[1]

Bernstein began his film career with two documentary short subjects, "It Belongs to the Bank" (1999), a "social documentary" that follows a woman bailiff's journey through Arab villages and urban slums as she seizes property from Israel's poor;[2] and "Holy for Me" (1995),[3] a "spoof" on tours, guides, and visits to the holy sites of Jerusalem, which won the 1995 Best Short Film award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.[4]


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