Astravyets District

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Astravyets district on the map of Belarus

Astravyets District (Belarusian: Астравецкі раён, Russian: Островецкий район) – a district (rajon) in Grodno Region of Belarus.

The administrative center is Astravets.


1940, January 15 – established Astravyets district in the Vileika region.

1941, June 22 – Luftwaffe bombed the airfield in Mikhalishki.

1941, June 27 – district was occupied by German troops.

1944, July 3 – soviet partisans liberated Astravyets.

1944, July 7 – territory of the Astravyets district was completely liberated.

1944, September 9 – Astravyets district becomes part of Molodechno Region.

1960, January 20 – Astravyets district becomes part of Grodno Region.

1991, August 25 – district is becomes part of Republic of Belarus.

2007, June 14 — By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 279 the heraldic symbols of the town of Ostrovets and the Ostrovets district.

2011 — Beginning of construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in the Ostrovets district.

2012 – Astravyets received the status of the city.

Administrative device[edit]

Astravyets district is divided into 9 village soviets:

  • Vornyansky village soviet
  • Gherviatsky village soviet
  • Gudogaysky village soviet
  • Mihalishkovskiy village soviet
  • Astravyets village soviet
  • Podolsky village soviet
  • Rytan village soviet
  • Spondovo village soviet
  • Trokenik village soviet

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