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AsureQuality Limited
Predecessor ASURE New Zealand Limited
AgriQuality Limited
Founded Auckland, New Zealand (2007 (2007))
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Number of locations
Services Food safety
Number of employees

AsureQuality Limited (previously AgriQuality Limited) is a state-owned Enterprise fully owned by the Government of New Zealand. The company's expertise lies in the areas of Food safety and Biosecurity. AsureQuality has 1700 staff, based at over 60 locations throughout Australasia, Singapore and China.[1]

Company history[edit]

AsureQuality was formed in 2007 from the merger of ASURE New Zealand Limited and AgriQuality Limited. Both companies were originally formed in 1998 from the service delivery arm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (New Zealand), MAF Quality Management, now known as the Ministry for Primary Industries.

AsureQuality supports its customers and regulators to ensure food and other products are safe and meet specifications set by countries or other standard setting bodies. This helps its customers achieve access to chosen markets, gain competitive advantage and protect their products, brands and reputation.

Services are provided to producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and regulators across the food supply chain and to a range of industries including dairy, food, meat, poultry and seafood, horticulture and wine, arable, foresrty, live animal export and biosecurity.

AsureQuality services include:

  • Audit, Inspection & Training - includes:

- Independent audit, inspection, verification and certification against local and international regulatory and retailer standards - Veterinary and field technician services including; farm assurance, dairy farm assessment, sample collection, TB testing and related disease management - Ante-mortem and post-mortem meat inspection - Industry training.

  • Food & Contaminants Testing:

- Food testing and analysis against regulatory and retailer standards for pathogens, toxins, allergens, chemical residues, genetically modified organisms and nutritional information - Seed testing and certification for arable, dairy, livestock farming and export - Specialist plant and pest taxonomy, border control and pathology services.

  • Diagnostics:

- Contract manufacturing of diagnostic products and distribution of specialist veterinary test kits for use in disease management programmes.

  • Biosecurity:

- Under agreement with the Ministry for Primary Industries the business provides readiness, capability, incursion response and surveillance services.


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