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Bureau Veritas S.A.
TypeSociété anonyme
CAC Next 20 Component
IndustryTesting, inspection, certification
Founded1828; 194 years ago (1828)
HeadquartersNeuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France
Area served
Worldwide (140 countries)
Key people
Didier Michaud-Daniel (CEO)
ServicesTesting, inspection, certification
Revenue4.8 billion
Number of employees

Bureau Veritas is a French company specialized in testing, inspection and certification founded in 1828. It operates in a variety of sectors, including building and infrastructure (27% of revenue), agri-food and commodities (23% of revenue), marine and offshore (7% of revenue), industry (22% of revenue), certification (7% of revenue) and consumer products (14% of revenue).

Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories, and 82,000 employees.[1] Bureau Veritas generated €4.8 billion in revenue in 2021.[2] Didier Michaud-Daniel has been the CEO of Bureau Veritas since March 2012.[3] On 24 February 2022, Bureau Veritas announced the appointment of Hinda Gharbi as COO, with plans to appoint her as the company's next CEO.[4]


Bureau Veritas was founded in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1828. Originally called the Bureau de renseignements pour les assurances maritimes (Information Office for Maritime Insurance), its mission was to "establish the truth and expose without apprehension or favoritism".[5] Bureau Veritas provided insurers with information that enabled them to assess the reliability of ships and equipment, and to ensure the protection of people and property. A year after its founding, the company adopted the name "Bureau Veritas" on 28 May 1829. In July 1833, the headquarters moved to Paris.[5]

In 2008, the office was listed on the stock exchange. In 2019, Bureau Veritas generates €5.1 billion in revenue, out of the €186 billion generated by the testing, inspection and certification market[6].

As of June 30, 2020, Bureau Veritas had cash and cash equivalents of €2.1 billion. In 2020, Bureau Veritas announced a net profit of €125.3 million despite a nearly 10% drop in revenue to €4.6 billion[7]. Diversification of its activities has enabled the company to remain in the black despite the crisis. In the first half of 2021, Bureau Veritas posted a net profit of €196.9 million with revenues of €2.4 billion, up 9.9 compared to 2020[8]. The management is satisfied after having lost 34 million euros during the health crisis of 2020. These figures therefore allow the group to raise its growth forecasts for the whole of 202117. In the same year, Bureau Veritas recruited 8,000 people, including 1,000 in France[9].

Corporate strategy[edit]

Strategic plan[edit]

In 2015, Bureau Veritas launched a strategic plan[10] to make the Group more resilient, and more resistant to macroeconomic fluctuations (e.g. oil, gas, primary commodities, marine). This strategy aims to expand the business into high-growth sectors, such as agri-food,[11] construction and infrastructure, connected objects and automotive. The diversification of Bureau Veritas' activities has been accompanied by a geographical restructuring. The Group has expanded on its historical presence in France and Europe, reorganizing itself into three main zones: the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia.[12]

In December 2021, Didier Michaud-Daniel announced Bureau Veritas' ambitions for 2025, “wishing to make it a world leader on critical societal subjects such as energy transition, smart cities, new forms of mobility and traceability of supply chains”.[13]

Digital strategy[edit]

In 2016, Bureau Veritas entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Dassault Systèmes,[14] which allows Bureau Veritas to use their 3DEXPERIENCE[15] digital platform to carry out continuous assessment of ships, offshore platforms and on-board equipment throughout the entire life cycle.[16]

In 2017, Bureau Veritas entered into a partnership with Avitas Systems[17] a GE Venture, to launch a range of inspection services based on predictive data analytics (i.e. artificial intelligence) for all industrial sectors.

In 2018, the Group launched Origin,[18] the very first traceability label based on blockchain technology, which provides consumers with complete, end-to-end proof of a product's journey, from farm to fork.

Bureau Veritas entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft in 2019 to develop artificial intelligence in testing laboratories.[19]


In January 2015, the Group expanded in China. Bureau Veritas acquired Shandong Chengxin, a Chinese company specialized in support services for the construction of industrial infrastructure for the energy sector.[20] In 2017, China became the Group's largest market in terms of both revenue and employees.[21] In April 2019, Bureau Veritas acquired Shenzhen Total-Test, a Chinese food testing company.[22] Bureau Veritas aims to reach €1 billion in revenue in China by 2021.[23]

In 2017, Bureau Veritas announced the acquisition of Primary Integration Solutions in the United States, thus expanding its Building & Infrastructure business into data centers.[24] In March 2018, the Group expanded into the construction sector in the United States with the acquisition of EMG.[25] This expansion continued even further with the acquisition of Owen in 2019, a provider of compliance services for buildings and infrastructure.[26]

In Europe, Bureau Veritas acquired Q Certificazioni,[27] an Italian organic food certification body, in 2019. The very same year, with the integration of Capital Energy in France,[28] Bureau Veritas expanded its consulting and assistance services in the field of energy efficiency certification.

In January 2021, Bureau Veritas takes a majority stake in cybersecurity specialist Secura.[29] In April 2021, the company acquires Bradley Construction Management, an American society specialized in project management and construction management services for the renewable energy sector.[30] In September 2021, Bureau Veritas acquires AET France, a company specializing in laboratory testing, product development and sustainability testing.[31]

In January 2022, Bureau Veritas acquires PreScience specialized in Project Management and Construction management services for Transportation Infrastructure projects.[32] In June 2022, Advanced Testing Laboratory, specialized in scientific sourcing services, is acquired by Bureau Veritas.[33] In July 2022, Bureau Veritas acquires AMSfashion, an expert in sustainability, quality and conformity services for the fashion industry.[34]



List of primary shareholders as of 30 April 2022[35]

% of shares held
Free Float 63,94%
Groupe Wendel 35,47%
FCP BV Next  0.22%
Group-owned stock 0.19%
Managers 0.18%

Executive committee[edit]

  • Didier Michaud-Daniel, Chief Executive Officer;
  • Hinda Gharbi, Chief Operating Officer;[36]
  • François Chabas, Executive Vice-President, Finance;
  • Catherine Chen, Executive Vice-President, Consumer Products Services;[37]
  • Jacques Pommeraud, Executive Vice-President, Commodities, Industry and Facilities France and Africa, Government Services ;
  • Eduardo Camargo, Executive Vice-President, Group Transformation and Business Development;[38]
  • Alberto Bedoya, Executive Vice-President, Commodities, Industry & Facilities Latin America;[38]
  • Juliano Cardoso, Executive Vice-President, Commodities, Industry and Facilities Asia, Pacific and Middle East;
  • Shawn Till, Executive Vice-President, Commodities, Industry and Facilities North America;[39]
  • Laurent Louail, Executive Vice-President, Commodities, Industry and Facilities South & West Europe ;
  • Matthieu de Tugny, Executive Vice-President, Marine & Offshore division ;
  • Béatrice Place Faget, Executive Vice-President, Legal Affairs and Internal Audit;[40]
  • Kathryn Dolan, Executive Vice-President Human Resources & QHSE;[41]

Board of directors[edit]

Bureau Veritas' board of directors is made up of twelve members. In March 2017, Aldo Cardoso was appointed chairman of the board of directors after serving as a director and chairman of the audit and risk committee.[42] In January 2018, André François-Poncet was appointed chairman of the strategy committee.


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