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Bangor lifeboat - - 538605.jpg
Atlantic 85 B-805 on exercise in Bangor
Class overview
Name: Atlantic 85
Builders: Inshore Lifeboat Centre, Cowes
Operators: Flag of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.svg Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Preceded by: Atlantic 75
Cost: £140,000 to £180,000
In service: 2005–
In commission: 2006–
General characteristics
Class and type: B-class Atlantic 85
Displacement: 1.8 tonnes
Length: 8.44 m (27.7 ft)
Beam: 2.85 m (9.4 ft)
Draught: 0.53 m (1.7 ft)
  • 2 × Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engines, 115 hp (86 kW)
  • 210 litres fuel
Speed: 35 knots (40 mph; 65 km/h)
Endurance: 2.5 hours
Capacity: 24
Complement: 4

The Atlantic 85 is part of the B-class of lifeboats that serve the shores of the United Kingdom and Ireland as a part of the RNLI inshore fleet.

The Atlantic 85 is the third generation B-class Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) developed from the Atlantic 21 and the later Atlantic 75. The Atlantic design of the B-class of lifeboats is named after Atlantic College, where the design was originally developed.


The hull is constructed in a fibre reinforced composite, consisting of a carbon fibre and foam core laminate with an epoxy glass and foam sandwich layup. The tubes are Hypalon.

The boat is powered by twin 115 hp (86 kW) Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engines that have been inversion-proofed to ensure the engines are still operational after a capsize.

Like previous RIBs, it has a manually operated self-righting mechanism that deploys an airbag mounted atop the A-frame. It is capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear. The Atlantic 85 is fitted with radar and VHF direction finding equipment and can be operated safely in daylight in a force 6/7 and at night in a force 5/6.[1]

The Atlantic 85 also has intercom communications between the crew and VHF radio via their helmets, DGPS & Chartplotter. It also carries a searchlight, night-vision equipment and illuminating paraflares for night-time operations.

To ensure equipment is kept to a high standard of repair, boats go through annual or bi-annual overhauls, and 4-year refits.[2]


A close up of the console & constrols of Atlantic 85 B-805
Atlantic 85 B-805 launching in Bangor in 2008
Atlantic 85 B-824 with an Atlantic 75 & a D class in 2010
Atlantic 85 B-832 in Porthcawl in 2011
Atlantic 85 B-832 in Porthcawl in 2011
Op. No.[a] Name In service Principal Station Comments
B-800 Prototype Atlantic 85 (B-PO2)
B-801 The Drayton Manor 2004–2006
Relief fleet
Relief fleet
Training fleet
Relief fleet
B-802 Chelsea Flower Show 2006–2015
Relief fleet
Training fleet
B-803 William Hurst 2006– Relief fleet
B-804 Lydia Mcdonald 2006– Macduff
B-805 Jessie Hillyard 2006– Bangor
B-806 Mudeford Servant 2006– Mudeford
B-807 Mary Lewis 2006–2014
Relief fleet
Training fleet
B-808 Donald McLauchlan 2006– Walmer
B-809 The Two Annes 2006– Teignmouth
B-810 Tabbycat 2006–2008
Relief fleet
Relief fleet
B-811 Hylton Burdon 2006– Cullercoats
B-812 Frank William Walton 2006– Kilkeel
B-813 Muriel and Leslie 2006– Port Erin
B-814 Sheila Stenhouse 2006– Kirkcudbright
B-815 Peterborough Beer Festival III 2006– Relief fleet
B-816 David Page 2007– St Helier
B-817 Wolseley 2007– Sunderland
B-818 The Oddfellows 2007– Sheringham
B-819 Minnie and Ernest George Barry 2008– Lough Swilly
B-820 Elizabeth Jane Palmer 2007– Flamborough
B-821 Gladys Mildred 2008– Newquay
B-822 Spirit of Friendship 2007– Aberystwyth
B-823 Doris Joan 2008– Criccieth
B-824 Richard and Elizabeth Deaves 2008– Minehead
B-825 Norma Ethel Vinall 2008– Relief fleet
B-826 Sgt. Bob Martin (Civil Service No. 50) 2008– Poole
B-827 Olive Laura Deare II 2009– Gravesend Replaces the E-class Olive Laura Deare
B-828 Elaine and Don Wilkinson 2010– Silloth
B-829 Derrick Battle 2010– Hayling Island
B-830 Douglas Murray 2010– Relief fleet
B-831 Joy Morris MBE 2010– St Bees
B-832 Rose of The Shires 2009– Porthcawl
B-833 Blue Peter V 2009– Portaferry
B-834 William Henry Liddington 2010– Bundoran
B-835 Martin Harvey 2010– Relief fleet
B-836 Tommy Niven 2010– Kinghorn
B-837 Charles Dibdin (Civil Service No 51) 2010– New Brighton
B-838 Annette Mary Liddington 2010– Beaumaris
B-839 Maureen Lillian 2010– Penarth
B-840 Harold Bains 2010– Relief fleet
B-841 Eric W Wilson 2010– St Catherine
B-842 Hello Herbie 2011– Rye Harbour
B-843 Geoffrey Charles 2011– Red Bay
B-844 Edith Louise Eastwick 2011– Kilrush
B-845 James Dugdale 2010–2015
Relief fleet
Training fleet
B-846 Norma T 2010– Portsmouth
B-847 Hereford Endeavour 2010– Trearddur Bay
B-848 Spirit of West Norfolk 2011– Hunstanton
B-849 Tony and Robert Britt 2011– Burnham-on-Crouch
B-850 Edna May 2011– Relief fleet
B-851 Jimmie Cairncross 2011– Queensferry
B-852 Random Harvest 2011– Brighton[3]
B-853 Binny 2011– Galway
B-854 R.A.Wilson 2011– Largs
B-855 Eric C Guest 2011– Relief fleet
B-856 The Spirit of Fred Olsen 2011– Kyle of Lochalsh[4]
B-857 Spirit of Loch Fyne 2012– Lyme Regis
B-858 Leicester Challenge III 2012– Redcar
B-859 Sheena-Louise 2012– Cowes
B-860 Max Walls 2012– Calshot
B-861 Glanely 2012– Appledore[5]
B-862 James and Helen Mason 2012– Tighnabruaich
B-863 David Porter 2012– Clacton-on-Sea[6]
B-864 Richard Wake Burdon 2012– Newbiggin
B-865 Malcolm and Mona Bennet-Williams 2012– Relief fleet
B-866 Louis Simson 2013– Skerries[7]
B-867 William and Eleanor 2013– Blackpool[8]
B-868 Annie Tranmer 2013– Southwold
B-869 Joyce King 2013– Clifden
B-870 John and Louisa Fisher 2013– Relief fleet
B-871 Albatross 2013– Cardigan
B-872 Toby Rundle 2013– Clovelly
B-873 Robert and Isobel Mowat 2013– Kessock
B-874 Robert Armstrong 2013– Helvick Head
B-875 Alexander 2014– Relief fleet
B-876 Rachael Hedderwick 2014– Arran (Lamlash)
B-877 Lewisco 2014– Whitstable
B-878 Claire and David Delves 2014– Ramsgate
B-879 Just George 2014– West Mersea
B-880 Martin Frederick Whitehouse 2014– Relief fleet
B-881 Solihull 2015– Hartlepool
B-882 David Bradley 2015– Lymington
B-883 Roy Snewin 2015– Relief fleet
B-884 My Lady Anne 2015– Portishead
B-885 Julia & Angus Wright 2015– Southend-on-Sea
B-886 Peter and Ann Setten 2015– Abersoch
B-887 Jacqueline Saville 2015– Mablethorpe
B-888 Sheila & Dennis Tongue 2015– Sligo Bay
B-889 Elizabeth and Maraget Milligan 2015– Relief fleet
B-890 Gordon and Phil 2016– Youghal
B-891 Renée Sherman 2016– Littlehampton[9]
B-892 John and Janet 2016– Crosshaven
B-893 Mollie and Ivor Dent 2016– Penlee
B-894 Sheila & Dennis Tongue II 2016– Looe
B-895 Irene Cornford 2016– Relief fleet
B-896 Hugh Miles 2016– Aberdovey
B-897 Sheila & Dennis Tongue III 2016– Staithes and Runswick
B-898 Susan Margaret Fosbrey 2017- Relief fleet
B-899 Howard Bell 2017- Happisburgh
B-900 Hello Herbie II 2017- Rye Harbour
B-901 Enid Foster MBE 2017- Relief fleet
B-902 Sheila + Dennis Tongue IV 2018- Loch Ness
B-903 Angus and Muriel Mackay 2017- Helensburgh
B-904 Douglas, Euen and Kay Richards 2017 Enniskillin (Carrybridge)
B-905 Gladys Hilda Mustoe 2018- Salcombe
B-906 Charles Lucock 2017- Relief Fleet
B-907 Tierney Harvey + Sonny Reid 2018- Harwich
B-908 Annabel E. Jones 2018- Plymouth
B-909 Miss Sally Anne (Baggy) II 2018- Kinsale
B-910 Rita Daphne Smyth 2018- Baltimore
B-911 Jean Spier 2019- Lough Derg Replaces Atlantic 75 B-781 Elsinore
B-912 John and Jean Lewis 2019- Enniskillin
B-913 Pride of Fred Olsen 2019- Relief Fleet[10]
B-914 Doris Day and Brian 2019- Burnham-on-Sea
B-915 The Missus Barrie 2019- Burry Port
B-916 Robina Nixon Chard 2019- Falmouth Replaces Atlantic 75 B-756 Eve Pank
B-917 ' tbc Weymouth
B-918 ' tbc Relief Fleet
B-919 ' tbc Stonehaven
B-920 ’' tbc- Lough Ree
B-921 ' Relief Fleet
B-922 ' Littlestone

  1. ^ Op. No. is the RNLI's Operational Number of the boat.

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