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Augustin Maurs is a French musician and composer. His work is situation related and often brings the musical experience outside the musical field. It explores different forms of music making and listening as an implication in today's social and cultural environment. Maurs is the initiator of the Berlin based project platform written-not-written.

Notable projects:

Practice Files — Augustin Maurs long term home recordings of the Bach cello Suites. The recordings are punctuated by concerts in the dark, notably at the Goethe-Institut, New York (2013), at the Wenderberg Festival, Switzerland (2012) and at the Berlin COMA gallery (2010 / 2011)

About his Bach Project, the musicologist Christian Baier wrote: "Augustin Maurs has gone to a no man's land of the undefined, close to the intersection of art and existence. His performance is quiet and insistent, a statement on questions of identity that is bewildering in its simplicity."

Virtuosity — a concert with visual artists in the Berlin Philharmonie 2013, together with visual artists Saâdane Afif, Bethan Huws, Christoph Keller, Annika Larsson, Klara Lidén, Olaf Nicolai, Tracey Rose and Tino Sehgal

Winter Journeys — an ongoing commentary of Schubert's "Winter Journey". The Berliner Zeitung wrote: "Schubert's Winter Journey acquires a new socio-political dimension. The piece captivates by regarding its audience with a timeless understanding."

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