Augustineum Secondary School

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Augustineum Secondary School
Khomasdal North
Windhoek, Namibia
Type Secondary School
Established 1866
School district Khomasdal, Windhoek
Principal Rudof Matengu
Faculty 41
Grades 8–12
Enrollment 1 000
Color(s) Black, white

The Augustineum, established in 1866, is among the oldest schools in Namibia.[1] Originally situated in Otjimbingwe, it was relocated to Okahandja in 1890, and finally to Windhoek in 1968. Previously also known as the Augustineum Training College and today the Augustineum Secondary School, it is a public school located in Khomasdal, a suburb of Windhoek.[2]


Missionary Carl Hugo Hahn established the Augustineum as a seminary[3] and teacher training college in Otjimbingwe in 1866. The name was chosen from Augustine of Hippo, "father of the church in Africa".[4] In 1890 the institution had 14 students and was led by missionary Gottlieb Viehe. In this year it was moved from Otjimbingwe to Okahandja.[5]

December 1959 saw a student uprising at Augustineum, caused by the Old Location Uprising in Windhoek. Hidipo Hamutenya was a notable participant.[6] In 1968 the Augustineum was shifted to Windhoek.[7]

Current state[edit]

The school is currently in a sorry state of dilapidation; old facilities on the verge of collapse, a sewerage system that is not functioning properly, lack of accommodation for teachers, inadequate laboratory facilities and the lack of hall prove to be major challenges at the school. In 2013 the Augustineum was the sixth worst performing school in the country.[8]


The school has produced many notable professionals:

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