Australian Maritime Officers Union

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AMOU logo.png
Full name Australian Maritime Officers Union
Founded 1904
Members 2,500
Affiliation ACTU, ITF, QCU
Office location Suite 1, 5th Floor, 377 Sussex St, Sydney, NSW
Country Australia
Logo motto reads "Unity upon the seas"

The Australian Maritime Officers Union (AMOU) is an Australian trade union that is registered with the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (and additionally registered in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia) and affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Its membership covers mariners as well as professional, administrative, supervisory and technical employees in the maritime industry and dependent services. The AMOU uses the services model of trade unionism.

The AMOU National Office is located in Sydney, NSW. The National executive are:

  • President: Wayne Moore
  • National Vice President: Murray Doyle
  • National Delegates: Robert Brownrigg and Jonathan Drummond
  • Offshore Divisional Delegates: Robert Ashmore and Bill Korevaar
  • Port Services Divisional Delegates: Richard Lorraine and Sean Stephens and
  • Area Secretaries: Richard Barnes, Steve Groves and Daniel Pearson.

The AMOU is composed of two Divisions: "Offshore" and "Port Services". Steve Groves is the Offshore Director and Michael Fleming the Port Services Director.

The Eastern Area Vice President: Michael Farrar, Secretary: Richard Barnes. The Southern Area President: Neil Hunter, Vice President: Louis Papaloukas, Secretary: Steve Groves. The Western Area President: Victor Hoisington, Area Secretary: Daniel Pearson.

The Australian Maritime Officers Union publishes a journal called the Maritime Officer.


The AMOU traces its roots to the formation of the Mercantile Marine Officers' Association in the 1880s. The MMOA was one of the key unions involved in the 1890 Australian maritime dispute that began on 15 August 1890 and ended when members returned to work on the employers' terms in November 1890.

A general meeting of the MMOA on 12 February 1904 changed the name of the union to Merchant Service Guild of Australasia. The Guild registered under the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act on 5 May 1905, the first registered federal employee organisation to do so. On 3 September 1957 the union changed its name to the Merchant Service Guild of Australia. In 1976 it took over coverage of sea-going shipwrights, previously represented by the Federated Shipwrights and Ship Constructors Association of Australia.

The Australian Maritime Officers Union was formed in 1993 with the merger of the Merchant Services Guild and the Australian Stevedoring Supervisors Association.


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