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The Avengers.JPG
Avengers in 2012
Background information
Also known as scAvengers
Origin San Francisco, California, U.S.
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1977–1979, 1999, 2004–present
Labels Dangerhouse, White Noise, CD Presents, Lookout! Records
Members Penelope Houston
Greg Ingraham
Joel Reader
Luis Illades
Past members Danny Furious (Danny O'Brien)
Jonathan Postal
James Wilsey
Brad Kent
Danny Panic

The Avengers is an American punk rock band formed in 1977 in San Francisco, California. Their lead singer, Penelope Houston, is also a folk singer. Their song "The American in Me," was described by Peter Margasak, in an article for The Chicago Reader, as "one of the best-ever indictments of blind patriotism (and one that only grows more potent as the years pass)".[1]


Original history[edit]

Drummer Danny Furious (Danny O'Brien) and guitarist Greg Ingraham decided to start a band, and Furious approached Penelope Houston to be their singer, who agreed. They finished their lineup with Jonathon Postal on bass, although he was replaced shortly after by Jimmy Wilsey.[2] Their first release (and only release while the band was originally together) was We Are the One, a three-song EP which was released on Dangerhouse Records in 1977.[3]

The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols in San Francisco at their final show at Winterland, which led to Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones producing a recording session for the band.[3] In January 1979, Ingraham left the band and was replaced by Brad Kent, although the band only lasted a few more months until June 1979.[2] An EP, titled Avengers, was released on White Noise Records a few months after the band broke up, which included songs from the Steve Jones produced session. Houston went on to record as a solo artist.[3]

An album called Avengers (sometimes referred to as the Pink Album, including by Houston herself[4]) was released in 1983. It featured tracks recorded through the band's whole time together, and was compiled by drummer Danny Furious.[2] The album was out-of-print for a long time due to being in "legal limbo", during which time Houston would sell the album in CD-R format directly through her website. The album was re-released in 2010.

New releases and re-formation[edit]

In 1999, a compilation album called Died for Your Sins was issued by Lookout! Records. In addition to original unreleased studio recordings and live tracks, three tracks were newly recorded in 1999 by the scAvengers, featuring original members Houston and Ingraham with new members bassist Joel Reader (The Mr. T Experience, The Plus Ones) and drummer Danny Panic (Screeching Weasel). To support the album, the scAvengers did a few shows.[5] In 2003, a live album titled Zero Hour was released in Italy. The next year, The American in Me was released, featuring all of the tracks from Zero Hour plus four other unreleased studio recordings. Houston and Ingraham again joined with Reader and new drummer Luis Illades to perform some record release shows, and this lineup has performed sporadic live shows since.[5]

On July 16, 2006, Houston and Ingraham joined Pearl Jam to perform "American in Me" at the Bill Graham Civic Center.



  • Penelope Houston – vocals (1977–79, 1999, 2004– )
  • Greg Ingraham – guitar (1977–79, 1999, 2004– )
  • Joel Reader – bass (1999, 2004– )
  • Luis Illades – drums (2004– )


  • Danny Furious (Daniel O'Brien) – drums (1977–79)
  • Jonathan Postal – bass (1977)
  • Jimmy Wilsey – bass (1977–79)
  • Brad Kent – guitar (1979)
  • Danny Panic – drums (1999)


Compilation albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]



  • "Paint it Black" b/w "Thin White Line" (1983, CD Presents)
  • "Teenage Rebel" b/w "Friends" (1995, Really Fast Records)


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