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This article is about the high priest in the reign of Solomon. For the high priest in the reign of Uzziah, see Azariah II.

Azariah (Hebrew - עזריהו `aZaRYaHOo "God Helped") was the third High Priest after Zadok. C.f. 1 Kings 4:2, where he is called "son of Zadok", although he is elsewhere identified as the son of Ahimaaz 1 Chronicles 5:35. Although his name appears in the list of the Zadokite family (1 Chr. 5:30-40, 6:4-15 in other translations) there is no direct evidence in the Bible that he was a High Priest. Azariah (Azarias) does appear on the list of High Priests by Josephus.[1] According to the Book of Chronicles, Azariah was believed to have been a priest that served at King Solomon's Temple.[2]

For Azariah son of Nathan, (I Kings 4:5) see List of minor biblical figures.

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