Bäl Church

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Bäl Church
Bäl kyrka
Bals-kyrka-Gotland-2010 11.jpg
Bäl Church, external view
Bäl Church is located in Gotland
Bäl Church
Bäl Church
Location on Gotland
57°38′41″N 18°37′58″E / 57.64476°N 18.63288°E / 57.64476; 18.63288Coordinates: 57°38′41″N 18°37′58″E / 57.64476°N 18.63288°E / 57.64476; 18.63288
Country Sweden
Denomination Church of Sweden
Diocese Visby

Bäl Church (Swedish: Bäl kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Gute, Bäl, on the Swedish island of Gotland. It belongs to the parish Väskinde, in the Diocese of Visby.

History and architecture[edit]

The current church was built during the first half of the 13th century and replaced an earlier stone church on the same site, fragments of which still remain in the wall between the choir and nave. Of the presently visible church, the choir is the oldest part, with the nave and tower being built successively. Paintings were added in the 13th century through 15th centuries. For some reason, the tower was never finished and does not reach its originally intended height.[1]

Fresco depicting Saint George and the Dragon.

The church has two portals on the western façade, one leading to the choir and a larger main portal, located on the south side of the nave. The smaller is the older and still Romanesque in style, while the main portal is Gothic, and more profusely decorated.[1] Additionally, there is an entrance on the north façade. The window openings are all original, and have not been enlarged during later centuries.[2]

Inside, the church is decorated by frescos, uncovered in the early 21st century. They depict the Passion of Christ and scenes from the Bible.[3] The church has some medieval items: a triumphal cross (late 13th century), a baptismal font (13th century),[1] and a wooden sculpture depicting Mary.[3] The altarpiece is Baroque, executed in 1664, and the pulpit is from 1744.[1]

The church was renovated in 1965-66,[1] and again in the early 2000s (decade).[3]


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