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B. C. Kamble is the leader of Republican Party of India (B.C. Kamble). He is from Maharashtra. He is a popular leader, especially with the downtrodden and deprived, having fought for their cause and upliftment. Kamble played an instrumental role especially during the 1952 police firing in Mumbai, when he single-handedly questioned on the floor of the Legislative Assembly (while other M.L.A'a had resigned) the Morarjee Desai-led government in Maharshtrain, and its role in the police firing that killed 104 innocent people—which today is testimony as Hutatma Chowk, standing as a mark of respect to those lives. Kamble's contribution in the Samyukta Maharashtra movement is of great significance. His other major contribution was during the imposition of emergency, when he tirelessly educated the people of India through his speeches and writings, the constitutional implications arising out of such clamping of emergency. Being a constitutional expert, he has analysed almost all amendments made to the Constitution of India. He is a Buddhist.[1][2]