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Basketball Bundesliga Champions Cup
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 BBL Champions Cup
Sport Basketball
Founded 2006
No. of teams 2
Country Germany Germany
Continent Europe
Most recent
Brose Baskets
Most titles Brose Baskets
(5 titles)
Basketball Bundesliga
Official website Website

The Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) Champions Cup is a men’s professional basketball game in Germany, which is comparable to other super cup games. The Basketball Bundesliga champion plays the game against the BBL-Pokal winner. Usually, the game is played in the arena of the German League champion, but there are no fixed rules. When the same team wins both the Bundesliga and Pokal, then the Pokal runner-up will participate in the game.


Champions Cup winner
Year Basketball Bundesliga winners Score BBL-Pokal winners Venue City Ref.
2006 RheinEnergie Köln 75–74 Alba Berlin Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin
2007 Brose Baskets 70–51 RheinEnergie Köln Arena Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg
2008 Alba Berlin 84–69 Artland Dragons Artland-Arena Quakenbrück
2009 EWE Oldenburg 69–54 Telekom Baskets Bonn EWE Arena Oldenburg
2010 Brose Baskets 85–58 Deutsche Bank Skyliners[A] JAKO-Arena Bamberg
2011 Brose Baskets 86–66 New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig[A] Brose Arena (2) Bamberg (2)
2012 Brose Baskets 102–98 ratiopharm Ulm[A] Brose Arena (3) Bamberg
2013 Brose Baskets 78–79 Alba Berlin O2 World Berlin (2)
2014 Bayern Munich 68–76 Alba Berlin O2 World (2) Berlin (3)
2015 Brose Baskets 87–66 EWE Oldenburg Brose Arena (4) Bamberg (4)
The match was not played, due to the busy BBL schedule
Due to EuroBasket 2017 taking place, the match was not played.
  1. ^ a b c Qualified as BBL-Pokal runner-up, because a team won both the Bundesliga and Pokal.

Performances by club[edit]

Teams shown in italics are no longer in existence.

Club Wins Losses Seasons won
Brose Bamberg 5 1 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
Alba Berlin 3 1 2008, 2013, 2014
Köln 99ers 1 1 2006
EWE Oldenburg 1 1 2009
ratiopharm Ulm 1
Löwen Braunschweig 1
Skyliners Frankfurt 1
Telekom Bonn 1
Artland Dragons 1
Bayern Munich 1

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