Ban Ho Mosque

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Ban Ho Mosque
Ban Hoe Mosque.JPG
On the left is the prayer hall, and on the right is the educational hall.
Basic information
Location Chiang Mai
Geographic coordinates 18°47′12.07″N 99°0′4.49″E / 18.7866861°N 99.0012472°E / 18.7866861; 99.0012472
Affiliation Islam
Country Thailand
Status Active
Architectural type Mosque
Minaret(s) 2

Hedaytul Islam (Ban Ho) Mosque (Chinese: 王和清真寺; pinyin: wánghéqīngzhēnsì, Thai: มัสยิดเฮดายาตูลอิสลามบ้านฮ่อ), near the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, is one of the biggest mosques in the province, and also one of the seven Chinese mosques in Chiang Mai.


It was first built in nineteenth century by a group of Chinese people, called Chin Ho or Hui, mostly came from Yunnan.[1] The present-day buildings were built later, with an Arabic, rather than a Chinese style except in front of the prayer hall, where there is the Chinese phrase, "清真寺" or qingzhensi, which means a mosque (literally "temple of purity and truth").[2]


Every Saturday and Sunday, there is a class for young Muslims, beginning around 08:00 to the noon prayer (dhuhr). The mosque also receives 20 students each year for parents who can't afford to send their children to a government school.[3]

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