Babakan Madang

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Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang is located in Bogor Regency
Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang
Location in Bogor Regency, Java and Indonesia
Babakan Madang is located in Java
Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang (Java)
Babakan Madang is located in Indonesia
Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang
Babakan Madang (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 6°35′38″S 106°54′02″E / 6.593861°S 106.900444°E / -6.593861; 106.900444Coordinates: 6°35′38″S 106°54′02″E / 6.593861°S 106.900444°E / -6.593861; 106.900444
Country Indonesia
ProvinceWest Java
RegencyBogor Regency
 • CamatAzzhahir
 • Total92.197 km2 (35.597 sq mi)
 • Total115,981
 • Density1,257.9/km2 (3,258/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (IWST)
Area code(+62) 251
Vehicle registrationF

Babakan Madang is a subdistrict (Indonesian: Kecamatan) in the Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Because of the regency's recognition as part of Jakarta's larger conurbation, the regency is often considered as the city's outermost suburbs, the closest city in the region to Babakan Madang being Bogor. It lies just a few kilometres east of Bogor, and lies directly east of another subdistrict named Sukaraja.

Features of the subdistrict[edit]

The front façade of the Sentul International Convention Center

Babakan Madang features a lot of new housing complexes and planned neighbourhoods built to serve commuters to Jakarta; with most of these projects being centred in an area now known as "Sentul". Out of all the many architectural and real estate projects that has ever took place here, was mainly from the construction of "Sentul City".

Lying within these neighbourhoods and "Sentul City" itself, is the famous Sentul International Circuit, which has hosted plentiful of international racing events in the past, namely in the years/seasons of 1996-97, 2005-07, and 2008. Also within the subdistrict is the large Sentul International Convention Center (or SICC for short), which became one of Greater Jakarta's largest and well-known commercial conference halls.

Overall, the main way to access both Sentul and Babakan Madang, is through the Jagorawi toll road, which is located on the subdistrict's western edge. It has direct access to both the capital city; that is Jakarta, as well as to Bogor and Ciawi to the south.


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