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Bad Girl
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Bad Girl (recorded in 1989, released in 1990) is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter La Toya Jackson. The album was also released as He's My Brother, Sexual Feeling, Playboy (Be My), Why Don't You Want My Love? and Be My Lover.

Album information[edit]

The album was recorded in 1989 under Teldec Records in Germany, and was supposed to be released in August 1989 under the title On My Own, featuring ten tracks. Disagreements between Jackson's management and Teldec Records caused a cancellation of the album. Sherman Records purchased the album, added two additional Jackson songs – "Sexual Feeling", recorded in Italy, and "You And Me", recorded in Sweden – retitled the album Bad Girl, and finally released it in 1990. Since then the recording has been licensed to countless small record labels, who have released the album under many different titles. Some issues of the albums exclude the tracks "Do the Salsa" or "Piano Man".[citation needed]

The Bad Girl album is one of the few albums in Jackson's back catalogue that is still in print today, and it continues to be re-released under many different covers and names. The album is among her most well-known due to its wide availability.[citation needed]

Jackson performed the title song, "Bad Girl", on four German TV shows, including the ZDF Fernsehgarten and NDR Talk-Show. One performance is a clip that utilized blue-screen effects and therefore is often mistaken by people today as an official video clip produced by Jackson's record company. Jackson also performed the song at her 1989 concert at Bally's Reno, A Sizzling Spectacular!.[citation needed]

The track Playboy (Be My) has been incorrectly titled Playboy (Be Me) on some reissues of this album. It was re-recorded in 1991 for La Toya's album No Relations as "Be My Playboy".

Various issues[edit]

Deluxe version[edit]

A Deluxe version was released in 2015 by Vibe On Records and contains 21 bonus tracks.

Retro Music issue[edit]

The album issued in 1995 by Retro Music, a Canadian label, only contains 10 of the 12 original tracks.[clarification needed] However, it is still in print and publicly accessible due to its widespread release, and can be found on most major online retailers.[citation needed]

Why Don't You Want My Love?[edit]

A rare German issue of Bad Girl, released in 1993 by the Legend label, was titled Why Don't You Want My Love? and featured the 12 tracks from Bad Girl plus an extra track called "Why Don't You Want My Love? (Bruce Forest Remix)". A single for the track was released on BCM Records and was intended for an all-new album. However, the record label wasn't able to complete the album and this was the only track that ever surfaced. Legend bought the rights to the song and included it with the tracks from Bad Girl.[citation needed]

La Toya – Live[edit]

The live album La Toya – Live features many songs from the Bad Girl album. It is owned by Sherman Records but has remained unreleased.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."Sexual Feeling"Alberto Boi, Claudio Donato, Frank Moiraghi, La Toya JacksonClaudio Donato, Franco Donato5:22
2."You and Me"Antonio Bella, Davide Di DiGregorio, Gianni Bella, Jackson, Mary Jay GayOla Håkansson4:32
3."He's My Brother"Anthony Monn, Jackson, Jack GordonAnthony Monn3:41
4."Restless Heart"Irmgard Klarmann, Felix WeberAnthony Monn3:38
5."Playboy (Be My)"Andi Slavik, Monn, Jackson, Gordon, Shane DempseyAnthony Monn4:14
6."You Can Count on Me"Roxanne Shanté, Marlon WilliamsAnthony Monn3:57
7."Somewhere"Bobby Sandstrom, Michael Price, Richard ScherAnthony Monn3:25
8."Bad Girl"Klarmann, WeberAnthony Monn4:03
9."Be My Lover"Slavik, Charlie Woodward, Shane DempseyAnthony Monn4:22
10."He's So Good to Me"Klarmann, WeberAnthony Monn3:41
11."Do the Salsa"Monn, Jackson, Gordon, SlavikAnthony Monn4:08
12."Piano Man"Klarmann, WeberAnthony Monn4:19

Deluxe version track listing[edit]

Disc one
1."Sexual Feeling" (Rapsody version) 
2."You and Me" 
3."He's My Brother" 
4."Restless Heart" 
6."You Can Count on Me" 
8."Bad Girl" 
9."Be My Lover" 
10."He's So Good to Me" 
11."Do the Salsa" 
12."Piano Man" 
13."Why Don’t You Want My Love?" (original version) 
14."Sexual Feeling" (vocal version) 
15."He's My Brother" (extended) 
16."Bad Girl" (12″ version) 
17."Why Don’t You Want My Love?" (Bruce Forest remix) 
Disc two
1."Sexual Feeling" (La Toya remix; radio version) 
2."You and Me" (edit/backing vox up) 
3."Playboy" (edit version) 
4."Why Don’t You Want My Love?" (radio version) 
5."Bad Girl" (N.Y. – Munich House mix) 
6."Sexual Feeling" (La Toya remix) 
7."Why Don’t You Want My Love?" (Bruce Forest edit) 
8."Sexual Feeling" (sex vocal) 
9."Sexual Feeling "La Toya" Remix" (a cappella) 
10."Sexual Feeling "La Toya" Remix" (instrumental) 
11."You and Me" (TV track) 
12."Why Don’t You Want My Love?" (instrumental remix) 
13."Sexual Feeling" (Rigger's Horizon remix) 
14."Bad Girl Album Megamix" 
15."Bad Girl Ballads Medley" 
16."Hot Mix DJ Drop-In" 


  • "Bad Girl" (1989)
  • "Sexual Feeling ('La Toya' Remix)" (1990)
  • "You and Me" (1990)


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