Bagh-e Melli

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For the village in Kerman Province, see Bagh-e Melli, Kerman.
Modern view
The main gates to the compound were constructed during the Qajar dynasty.
The new Ministry of Foreign Affairs building uses pre-Islamic Persian architecture extensively in its facade.
Old shooting practice range gate.

Bagh-e Melli (The National Garden) is a government compound where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, The National Museum of Iran, Malek National Museum, Tehran University of Art (Located in Qazzaqkhanē), and the Communication Museum (Post and Telecommunication) are located.

The compound is located in central Tehran and used to be armies shooting practice range. Then became the first modern public park of Iran for a short period of time and then important government offices and museums has been built on it.

The gates of the compound were built by Jafar-khan Kashani in 1906.

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Coordinates: 35°41′10.14″N 51°25′4.65″E / 35.6861500°N 51.4179583°E / 35.6861500; 51.4179583