Baghdad governorate election, 2009

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Baghdad Governorate election, 2009
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All 57 seats for the Baghdad Governorate council
  First party Second party
  Nouri al-Maliki
Leader Nouri al-Maliki Ayad al-Samarrai
Party State of Law Coalition Tawafuq
Last election 11 0
Seats before 11 0
Seats won 28 7
Seat change Increase17 Increase7
Popular vote 641,925 153,219
Percentage 37.9% 9%
Swing Increase22.8% Increase9%

  Third party Fourth party
  Ayad Allawi
Leader Muqtada al-Sadr Ayad Allawi
Party Sadrist Movement Iraqi National List
Last election 1 0
Seats before 1 0
Seats won 5 5
Seat change Increase4 Increase5
Popular vote 151,093 148,133
Percentage 8.9% 8.7%
Swing Increase6.9% Increase8.7%

Governor of Baghdad before election

Hussein al-Tahan

Subsequent Governor

Salah Abd al-Razzaq
State of Law Coalition

The Baghdad governorate election of 2009 was held on 31 January 2009 alongside elections for all other governorates outside Iraqi Kurdistan and Kirkuk.


Two seats in Baghdad are reserved for minority religions: one for Christians and one for Sabeans.[1] Over 3,000 candidates contested the 57 seats.[2]


A candidate for the Iraqi Islamic Party was killed outside his home in the al-Ameriya district.[3]


Sunni Arab residents of the Fadel district complained that they felt it was dangerous registering to vote because the office was in a neighbouring area that was Shiite dominated and they had to pass through two checkpoints. Many voters in that district were reported to have been turned away as they were not registered and turnout was less than 30%.[4]

The Iraqi National List of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi was said to have won most support in Fadel along with the Iraqi Communist Party. A local Sahwa official and former 1920 Revolution Brigade member said he knew former al-Qaeda in Iraq fighters who had voted for the INL.[4]

In March, the State of Law Coalition said it would ally with the Iraqi National Dialogue Front.[5]

e • d Summary of the 31 January 2009 Baghdad governorate election results
Coalition (2005/2009) Allied national parties Seats (2005) Seats (2009) Change Votes Party Leader
State of Law Coalition Islamic Dawa Party 11 28 +17 641,925 Nouri al-Maliki
Iraqi Accord Front Iraqi Islamic Party - 7 +7 153,219 Ayad al-Samarrai
Independent Free Movement List Sadrist Movement 1 5 +4 151,093 Muqtada al-Sadr
Iraqi National List Iraqi National Accord - 5 +5 148,133 Ayad Allawi
Iraqi National Project Gathering Iraqi National Dialogue Front - 4 +4 113,787 Saleh al-Mutlaq
Baghdad Nation / Al Mihrab Martyr List SCIRI & Badr 28 3 -25 91,759 Abdul Aziz al-Hakim
National Reform Trend - - 3 +3 71,663 Ibrahim al-Jaafari
Ishtar Patriotic List (Assyrian seat) BNDP - 1 +1 4,334 Sarkis Aghajan
List of Ali Hussein Zahroun Al-Saberi (Sabean seat) - - 1 +1 241 Ali Hussein al-Saberi
Islamic Virtue Party IVP 6 0 -6 22,921 Abd al-Rahim al-Hasini
Iraqi Communist Party / Civilians ICP 2 0 -2 Hamid Majid Mousa
National Democratic Party NDP 2 0 -2 Naseer al-Chaderchi
Iraqi Independent Al-Bayan Gathering - 1 0 -1
Total 51 57 +6 1,694,930
Sources: this article - [6]

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