Jamiatul Falah Mosque

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Jamiatul Falah
জমিয়াতুল ফালাহ
Jamiatul Falah Mosque (3).JPG
Basic information
Location Bangladesh Chittagong, Bangladesh
Affiliation Islam
Country Bangladesh
Status Active
Architectural type Mosque
Capacity 5000

Jamiatul Falah Mosque or Baitul Falah is the largest mosque in Chittagong, Bangladesh, able to hold 5,000 worshipers.[citation needed]

It is located on the south side of WASA Square. To the east of the mosque is a large eidgah that is commonly the location of two of the three largest Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha gatherings in the city.[1][2][3]

The mosque is maintained by the Chittagong City Corporation.[citation needed] As of 2016, the khatib of the mosque is Mohammad Jalal Uddin Al-Kaderi.[4]


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Coordinates: 22°21′00″N 91°49′23″E / 22.3501°N 91.8230°E / 22.3501; 91.8230