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Band Kids was a children's television program broadcast by the Brazilian channel Rede Bandeirantes since August 14, 2000.

The program has become very well known and popular in the early years of transmission, having been one of the great influential in Anime fandom in Brazil, after the closure of the channel "Rede Manchete". During the first years it was responsible for the debut of anime as Dragon Ball Z, Bucky, El-Hazard, Tenchi Muyo, and continued the broadcast of Saint Seiya. A few years after the program lost its audience and was forgotten only to be returning several years. In 2009 the program returned to active with cartoons, teen dramas and teen sitcoms from American children's channels (most of the Nickelodeon), such as Futurama, Drake & Josh, Kenan & Kel, iCarly, The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), however the program has been declining over the years.

After some time it was off the air and then returned, competing with several other children's programs "clones" as TV Kids (RedeTV!) and Record Kids (Rede Record) and beating other popular children's programs such as TV Globinho and Bom Dia & Companhia. Already passed by several presenters including the actress Renata Saiyuri[1] and the singer Kelly Key, Giovanna Grigio, and some others, though is currently without presenters.

Even with all the changes that the program has suffered throughout the years, it is still loved by the older fans.


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