Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence

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Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence[1] is a department responsible rescue missions in Bangladesh including fire safety, safety during air raids and any kind of disaster.[2] Emergency hotline for fire service is 1-9-9. The Present Director General is Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Khan.[3][4]

Fire Service & Civil Defense
A firefighting van of Bangladesh Fire Service.


In 1982, "Fire Service", the fire defence agency and "Civil Defence", the unarmed warning and rescue force and the general rescue force, was amalgamated into Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence. In 2016 China agreed to donate 1000 firefighting bikes.[5]

Chain of Command[edit]

  • Director General
  • Director
  • Deputy Director/Principal/Project Director
  • Assistant Director/ Vice Principal
  • Deputy Assistant Director/Instructor/ Senior Staff officer/PO/Adjutant
  • Senior Station Officer/ Asst Instructor
  • Warehouse Inspector
  • Station Officer/ Staff officer/ Junior Instructor/
  • Sub Officer
  • Leader
  • Fireman/ Nurse/ Driver/ Operator
  • Helper


There are nearly 9,000 people working in the FS & CD, Bangladesh. There is one DG having the equality of Brig. General. Also have three posts for directors, nine Deputy Directors, more than 20 Asst Directors and 80 DADs.


There are more than 310 stations, some first class having a Senior Station officer, more manpower and cars, the rest are second class having a station officer and less manpower. There are only 5 river stations in a country where flows 230 rivers.