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Bangladesh Marine Academy
MottoDeveloping World-Class Maritime Leaders
TypeFull Govt. Institution
CommandantMarine Engineer Dr. Sajjid Hussain
22°14′33″N 91°50′21″E / 22.242629°N 91.83912°E / 22.242629; 91.83912Coordinates: 22°14′33″N 91°50′21″E / 22.242629°N 91.83912°E / 22.242629; 91.83912
CampusRural 100 Acres
AffiliationsBangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (BSMRMU), Ministry of shipping

The Bangladesh Marine Academy is a maritime training institution in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This academy provide theoretical and practical training to cadet, deck officer and marine engineer for merchant ship. It is the only university of its kind in the country and was established in 1962. The academy is situated overlooking the Bay of Bengal from the hill tops of Juldia on the east bank of the Karnafuli River, about 20 kilometres south of the Chittagong city.

The academy has also been recognized as one of the branches of the World Maritime University (WMU), Malmö, Sweden in 1989 for its academic excellence, good training, quality marine manpower production and overall performance. Bangladesh was placed on the White list in the year 2000.[1] [2]

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh is going to be set up on the campus of Bangladesh Marine Academy. This will be South Asia's second Maritime University. Marine cadets will get ‘Bachelor of Maritime Science’ degrees from the university. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has unveiled Inauguration Plaque of Sheikh Mujib Maritime University on 26 February 2011.[3] [4]


Seafarers' Memorial located at the center of Bangladesh Marine Academy Campus

World scenario was changing fast after the WWII (1939–46). Pakistan along with East Bengal (Bangladesh) became independent in 1947 from British rule. Thereafter, the then Pakistan Government looked into developing various industrial training facilities. As such a scheme for establishing a marine academy beside Bay of Bengal had been sanctioned in 1952. Juldia Point (valleys of Juldia-Rangadia) at the Karnaphuly river-mouth at Bay of Bengal was chosen for the planned academy. Interesting to note that the reason was to create a ‘ship-like environment’ due to geographical location the Juldia Point was considered as it was almost like a ship but not floating! Such suitable facility/location was unique in the country and was not available from Suez to South-East Asian countries except India. (Project Plan – Development of Marine Academy, Phase – II [1973-1980])

Building basic infrastructure commenced. The establishment budget was Taka 31.19 lakhs in 1952, then increased to Taka 53 lakhs in 1959 and finally to Taka 58.3 lakhs in 1961. The initial project was completed with the aim of training 22 Nautical Cadet Officers and 22 Marine Engineering Cadet Officers. The new-built ‘Mercantile Marine Academy’ went into functioning from 3 September 1962.

Afterwards, during our Great Liberation War 1971 the then Pakistan Government shifted the Academy's function to Karachi leaving this Academy abandoned. Immediately after liberation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman resumed it as Marine Academy with appointing Capt. (Merchant Marine) M L Rahman as the Commandant (first Bangalee Commandant). Bangabandhu also took a project titled "Development of Marine Academy (1973-1980)" and could raise the Academy at the forefront of maritime professional excellence in South Asia.[5][6]


Bangladesh Marine Academy Parade Ground

Type Bangladesh Marine Academy is a full Government Institution. Administrative Organization is Ministry of shipping. Department of Shipping Monitors Academic administration. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University Provides Bachelor of Maritime Science (Hon) Degree. Presently, the Marine Academy provides the following courses:[3]

BSc courses[edit]

  • BSc in Nautical Science

4 year Bachelor of Maritime Science

  1. Pre-Sea Nautical Science:24 months at Academy (1-4 semester)
  2. On Board Training: 12 months sea-service (5-6 semester)
  3. 1 year in academy (7-8 semester)
  • BSc in Marine Engineering

4 years Bachelor of Maritime Science

  1. Pre-Sea Marine Engineering:24 months at Academy (1-4 semester)
  2. On-Board Training:12 months sea service (5-6 semester)
  3. 1 year in academy under(7-8)semester

Preparatory Course[edit]

  • Preparatory Course for Deck Officer Class I (Orals)
  • Preparatory Course for Deck Officer Class II & I
  • Preparatory Course for Deck Officer Class III
  • Preparatory Course for Deck Officer Class IV (Orals)
  • Preparatory Course for Deck Officer Class IV & V

IMO Model Courses[edit]

  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Elementary First Aid (EFA)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FP&FF)
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft &Rescue Boats (PSC&RB)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
  • Global Maritime Distress &Safety System GMDSS)
  • Standard Swimming Test (SST)
  • Radar& ARPA
  • Training for Trainer



Campus map, Bangladesh Marine Academy

The campus is located in a beautiful picturesque surrounding on the lush-green hills and valleys of Juldia, Chittagong on the east bank of the river Karnaphuly.This is 20 kilometres south of the Chittagong city. The campus Area is 100 Acres. The campus includes:

  • Two jetties at the both side of river Karnaphuly.
  • Parade Ground, Football Grounds, Basketball Grounds, Volleyball grounds.
  • Cadet Block and post-sea block, Commandants house, Instructors houses
  • Separate dining hall for cadets and instructors.
  • Admin Block, Instructional block, Eletro-navigationa Block(ENS), Workshop, Auditorium
  • Marine Academy primary School, Marine academy School and College
  • Swimming pool, Lake, Recreation hill.
  • Bangladesh Maritime Museum, Seafarers' Memorial

Academic Facilities[edit]

ENS block, Bangladesh Marine Academy


Presently there are Two types of simulators:

  • Bridge room simulator


  • Electrical Lab
  • Mechanical Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Pneumatic Lab


There are two Workshops with various machineries

Others Facilities[edit]

  • Fire fighting center
  • Auditorium
  • Training Boats[8]

Golden Jubilee[edit]

  • 4 January 2013: A two-day festival has been organised to mark the 50th year of the Bangladesh Marine Academy. Both former and current cadets of this prestigious academy of Marine Science gathered here for a reunion. The two-day event included discussions, cultural programmes and reflections from the past.[9]
  • 25 June 2013: Golden Jubilee & Seafarers' Day at Academy. Chief Guest was IMO Secretary General Mr. Koji Sekimiju.[10]

Notable alumni[edit]

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