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The Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark (蛮機族ガイアーク, Bankizoku Gaiāku, [Note 1]) are the fictional antagonists from Engine Sentai Go-onger. They are machine-men from the Machine World whose numbers are scattered during their war with the Engines. By the end of the series, only Batcheed, Babatcheed, and Chirakazky remained at large until the events of Shinkenger vs. Go-onger and later in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Pollution Ministers[edit]

Originally thought to be the last of the Gaiark, the three Pollution Ministers end up on Earth and decide to pollute it to serve as an ideal paradise for them. They based themselves at Hellgailles Palace (ヘルガイユ宮殿, Herugaiyu Kyūden), located on an isolated island in the middle of the sea. Powering the entire place is the Deus Haguru Magear (デウス・ハグル・マギア, Deusu Haguru Magia), a big gear in their command chamber which is an inexhaustible energy source that Yogostein brought with him from Machine World. The gear's power is used Yogoshimacritein to create an army of Barbaric Dohma until the primary Go-ongers break it, causing Hellgailles Palace to self-destruct and sink into the sea. During the events of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!!, though revived, the Pollution Ministers want nothing to do with Batcheed's plan and spend their time at Genta's Gold Zushi stand before running off back into bottom of the Sanzu River. The Ministers also make an appearance in the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie as captives in the Makuu Prison for giving up their lives of villainy before being released by the Gokaigers.


Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia (害水大臣ケガレシア, Gaisui Daijin Kegareshia, 1-49) [Note 2] is the human-looking general with the Kegastick (ケガスティック, Kegasutikku) who leads the Gaiark's sea-based Barbaric Machine Beasts. She has artificial human-like skin that regenerates and shoots steam from the projections on her back armor if she is in a foul mood, and the handle on her head cuts off this leakage. She ends her sentences with "Ojaru", is a heavy drinker who hates to be called "Old Lady", sometimes enlarging from the anger being too much to fume out. While under the guise of Rena Kegareshi (汚石 冷奈, Kegareshi Rena), Kegalesia develops a vendetta against Hant due to his falling in love with her guise and calling her loving things, like "pure," which are offensive to members of the Gaiark. It was this taboo that she could never fall in love with Nigorl, as his ideas were the opposite of the Gaiark's. While the Go-ongers were trapped in Samurai World, Kegalesia accidentally separates her Kegalesia Soul (ケガレシアソウル, Kegareshia Sōru) from her body, with her soul set into Bomper by the other Ministers to convert the robot into Bompelesia (ボンパレシア, Bonpareshia) so they can take advantage of the situation by setting a trap. However, Bomper manages to regain control and ejects the Kegalesia Soul prior to being reinstalled back in her body. She occasionally joined Saki and Miu in the 3-girl idol group G3 Princess, though the second time ended with her enlarging and being knocked into the distance by Engine-Oh G12. When Yogoshimacritein arrives, Kegalesia is reduced to a mere henchman forced to obey him. She is annoyed when Yogoshimacritein uses her and Kitaneidas as human shields against the Go-onger's attacks, seeing him for what he is and his methods not to her liking. As an act of defiance against the dictator, she helps in destroying the Infinite Wastebin before she was heavily damaged by Yogoshimacritein. She gives the location of the Deus Haguru Magear to Go-on Red, Blue, and Yellow before shutting down.

During the events of Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger, she is the one who reveals the location of Batcheed's Batchirium Plant to the heroes.

Due to her nature as a Water Pollution branch member, she can execute Water Pollution Fusion (害水合身, Gaisui Gasshin) with any member of the same branch, boosting up their power as a result.[1] Before entering battle, Kelgalesia says, "The muddied and fetid waters! I am Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia!" (濁り腐った水よ! わらわ、害水大臣ケガレシア, Nigori kutta mizu yo! Warawa, Gaisui Daijin Kegareshia). After transforming into her true form as part of the one-time only G3 Princess idol group, Kelgalesia says, "Love me or Regret it!! Kegalesia" (惚れなきゃ後悔!!ケガレシア, Horenakya Kōkai!! Kegareshia). As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Yellow and Silver, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール, Purinsesu Kyanonbōru), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル, Jī Surī Toraianguru) which passes the ball made by them.

She reappears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship along with Saki and Miu.

Kegalesia is portrayed by Nao Oikawa (及川 奈央, Oikawa Nao).


Air Pollution Minister Kitaneidas (害気大臣キタネイダス, Gaiki Daijin Kitaneidasu, 1-49) [Note 3] leads the Gaiark's sky-based Barbaric Machine Beasts and uses the Kitaneibar (キタネイバー, Kitaneibā) as his weapon and can turn himself into smog as well as execute his Air Pollution Attack (害気アタック, Gaiki Attaku). He is the best card player among the three ministers and ends his sentences with "Zoyo". He experimented with Bikkurium's potent abilities prior to using it on Barbaric Machine Beasts. Kitaneidas is reduced to a mere henchman when Yogoshimacritein arrives and is forced to obey him. He is agitated when Yogoshimacritein uses him as a human shield against the Go-ongers, and as a final act, he destroys the Infinite Wastebin before he is forced to shut down by Yogoshimacritein.[2]

Before entering battle, Kitaneidas says, "The blackened skies! I am Air Pollution Minister Kitaneidas!" (黒く染まった空気よ! 私、害気大臣キタネイダス, Kuroku somatta kūki yo! Watashi, Gaiki Daijin Kitaneidasu).

Kitaneidas is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono (真殿 光昭, Madono Mitsuaki).


Land Pollution Minister Yogostein (害地大臣ヨゴシュタイン, Gaichi Daijin Yogoshutain, 1-36) [Note 4], his full name being Baron Yogorex de Stein (バロン・ヨゴレックス・ド・シュタイン, Baron Yogorekkusu do Shutain), is the golden-armored general who leads the Gaiark's land-based Barbaric Machine Beasts, using the Yogospear (ヨゴシュピア, Yogoshupia) as his weapon and ends his sentences with "Nari". Though a serious sort, he rejoiced to see his subordinate Hiramechimedes arrives to aid him in destroying the Go-ongers. Despite continuous failure, his faith and esteem he felt for his vice-minister never faded as he showed concern for Hiramechimedes' well-being and has been in a state of mourning since his death before leaving Hellgailles Palace to clear his head and find himself. By the time he returned, Yogostein was more rage-filled and decides to rely on his own power, creating Hammer Banki to destroy the world rather than remake it into an ideal environment for the Gaiark. It was after his creation was destroyed that Yogostein saw the error of his ways as the other Ministers forgive him for his reckless action. Prior to the events of the movie, Yogostein developed the Savage Machine Beast Recycle program, using his spear to remove the Ugatz's Souls from their bodies to revive the Savage Machine Beasts in a Minister team attempt to tear down the dimensional barrier. However, the plan failed and Yogostein sets up a new one with the accidentally created Kegalesia Soul. Soon after, Yogostein resumes acting on his own when he begins a new project to unearth the Horonderthal from his rest, setting up a chain of events that would not only dispose of Go-on Red, but being able to upgrade himself as the new Horonderthal King to rust the entire city. However, his upgrade is canceled by Engine-Oh G12 before being destroyed by the revived Go-on Red in a one-on-one duel.[2]

When entering battle alongside the other pollution Ministers, Yogostein says, "The Dried Cracked Ground! I am Land Pollution Minister Yogostein" (乾きひび割れた土よ! 我、害地大臣ヨゴシュタイン, Kawaki hibiwareta tsuchi yo! Ware, Gaichi Daijin Yogoshutain), while when attacking with other Land Pollution Ministry members he says, "The Earth soiled by a hateful guy, Land Pollution Minister Yogostein!" (大地を汚す憎い奴・害地大臣ヨゴシュタインなり, Daichi o yogosu nikui yatsu, Gaichi Daijin Yogoshutain nari). He performs Yogospear Grind (ヨゴシュピアグラエンド, Yogoshupia Guraendo) with the Yogospear. With Hiramechimedes and Happa Banki, they can perform the Land Pollution Gattai DoDoDo Ground (害地合体ドドドグラウンド, Gaichi Gattai Dododo Guraundo).

Yogostein is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada (梁田 清之, Yanada Kiyoyuki).


Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes (害地副大臣ヒラメキメデス, Gaichi Fukudaijin Hiramekimedesu, 15-23) [Note 5] is Yogostein's subordinate and the Gaiark's top tactical genius, a more serious threat than the Pollution Ministers. Whenever inspired with a plan, the 3 light bulbs on his head flash as he says "Pok-Pok-Ping!" (ポク・ポク・ピーン!, Poku-Poku-Pīn!) with the sextant and protractor on his chestplate indicating the plan's greatness. Originally a second-rate inventor of many of the Gaiark group's arsenal, he plotted to assassinate Yogostein to become the new Land Pollution Minister and be somebody. However, after seeing his brilliant mind recognized by Yogostein as he awards him with the yardstick-stylized sword Hacalibur (ハカリバー, Hakaribā) and his title on the day the Gaiark attack Machine World, Hiramechimedes devoted himself to his master's cause without question as he became feared by the Engines, making them frightened husks of their former selves in his numerous victories which they eventually overcame. However, on the day the Gaiark were expelled from Machine World, Hiramechimedes mysteriously disappeared during the fight only to resurface months later on the Human World to serve under Yogostein again after settling some loose ends with the Wing Engines as he thought he had handled, only to be once more pursed by them and the Go-on Wings.

Eventually, Hiramechimedes, along with Yogostein and Bōseki Banki, stages his apparent banishment from Hellgailles palace as part of a plan to deceive the Go-ongers and kill Go-on Gold. However the plan goes wrong yet again with the arrival of Engine-Oh G9 and Hiramechimedes refuses to return to Yogostein out of shame, spending long days of calculation for a means to kill the Go-ongers. After a vain attempt to destroy the Go-on teams, Hiramechimedes finally finds the answer he had been looking for: to beat the Go-ongers at their own game with raw power rather than with intellect. To that end he sneaks back into Hellgailles Palace and, in spite of Yogostein's pleas, infuses himself with a hundred times the Bikkurium amount that a Savage Machine Beast needs for "Industrial Revolution". In consequence, the stress of this destroyed Hiramechimedes' mind as he upgrades into a more powerful and insane babbling form called Detaramedes (デタラメデス, Detaramedesu, 23). Though he almost defeats Engine-Oh G9 after executing "Big Industrial Revolution", Detaramedes' downfall comes from Sōsuke's reckless refusal to give up. In the end, Go-on Red scraps Detaramedes with only the Hacalibur remaining for Yogostein to pick up.

However, while the Go-ongers visit a shrine in the woods, they encounter Hiramechimedes' ghost, referring to himself as Urameshimedes (ウラメシメデス, Urameshimedesu, 24), as his malice towards the Go-ongers kept him from passing on. Unable to regain physical form, Urameshimedes made a detour to Samurai World to recruit the aid of Bakki to help him by physically harming the Go-ongers in return to allow him to destroy the forest. But when everything didn't work out as planned, Urameshimedes possesses Bakki's body as Hirameki Bakki (ヒラメキ伐鬼, Hirameki Bakki, 24) and enlarges it to kill the Go-ongers. However, the Go-on teams manage to use a G9 Grand Prix laced with salt on the two so the attack would not only kill Bakki, but exorcise Hiramechimedes in the process.

Hiramechimedes has a cameo appearance during the closing credits of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!! where he drowns in Sanzu River while the other three ministers sink to its bottom.

His attacks have a calculus theme from his Pi Beam (円周率パイビーム, Enshūritsu Pai Bīmu) to his sword-based Equilateral Triangle Slash (正三角形斬り, Seisankakkei Giri), Isosceles Right Triangle Slash (直角二等辺三角形斬り, Chokkaku Nitōhen Sankakkei Giri), Acute Triangle Slash (鋭角三角形斬り, Eikaku Sankakkei Giri), and Hirameki Kill-Factor: Pythagorean Theorem (ヒラメキ殺法・三平方の定理, Hirameki Sappō: Sanheihō no Teiri) attacks. As Detaramedes, his uses a variety of attacks with a miscalculation theme such as Hissatsu: Root 3 - Base ÷ Diameter = 950000 (必殺・ルート3-底辺÷直径=950000, Hissatsu: Rūto San hiku Teihen waru Chokkei wa Kyūjūgoman), 10 - 4 = 200 (10-4=200, Jū hiku Yon wa Nihyaku), 6 + 9 = 500 (6+9=500, Roku tasu Kyū wa Gohyaku), Detarame Kill-Factor: Bikkurium Beam (デタラメ殺法・ビックリウム光線, Detarame Sappō: Bikkuriumu Kōsen), Detarame Kill-Factor: Brain Freeze Slash (デタラメ殺法・思考停止斬り, Detarame Sappō: Shikō Teishi Giri), and Detarame Kick-Punch-Chop-Slash (デタラメキックパンチチョップ斬り, Detarame Kikku Panchi Choppu Giri). Before entering battle, Hiramechimedes says, "Pok-Pok-Ping! and I have a flash. Land Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes!" (ポク・ポク・ピーン!とひらめくは、害地副大臣ヒラメキメデスです, Poku-Poku-Pīn! to hirameku wa, Gaichi Fuku Daijin Hiramekimedesu desu).

In the It's a Seminar! Everyone GO-ON!! special DVD it is reveal that Hiramechimedes has an older, cross dressing brother named Kokorootomedes (ココロオトメデス, Kokorootomedesu, [Note 6]). He has a very flamboyant in personality and often asserts his femininity, seeing himself as a maiden. Armed with the Kiradecolibur (キラデコリバー, Kiradekoribā) that is a decorated version of Hiramechimedes' Hacalibur, Kokorootomedes challenges Go-on Red to avenge his younger brother. At first, Kokorootomedes uses his feminine wiles and his two attacks on his opponent, Kokorootomedes' Fashion Check Attack (ココロオトメデスのファッションチェック攻撃, Kokorootomedesu no Fasshon Chekku Kōgeki) and Lovely Sparkling Pentagon, Star Heart Slash (恋のキラキラ五角形お星様ハート斬り, Koi no Kirakira Gokakkei, Ohoshi-sama Hāto Giri). But once man-handled by Go-on Red, Kokorootomedes upgrades into a powerful berserker form, becoming a Yakuza-type in personality with his crazed Hissatsu: Ruless Battle (必殺・定規なき戦い, Hissatsu: Jōgi Naki Tatakai) attack that lets him fight dirty. In the end, he is scrapped by Go-on Red using the Kankanbar Mantangun on him, lamenting on his desire before rethinking that it wasn't well worth his death.

Both Hiramechimedes and Kokorootomedes is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.


Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein (総裏大臣ヨゴシマクリタイン, Sōridaijin Yogoshimakuritain, 47-50) [Note 7] is the black/gold armored Insurgant Highness (デンカノボウトウ, Denka no Bōtō) that wields a double-ended Kanabō-like weapon and Yogostein's father, ending his sentences with "Narina". Being the total opposite of his son and most ruthless of the Gaiark, Yogoshimacritein desired to rule all the Braneworlds, playing part in forcing the Gian Race Engines into the verge of extinction and oversaw the destruction of the three Braneworlds by Kireizky. After Kireizky's death, Yogoshimacritein uses his fallen minion's Bottomless Wastebin to enter the Human World, using it as a means to feed from in order for him to use his signature inhereditary attack Justice Dissolution (正義解散, Seigi Kaisan), which can convert those it hits into wavelengths as long as the Deus Haguru Magear is active. He uses it to take out Hant, Gunpei, and the Go-on Wings, along with their Engine partners, Carrigator, Jum-bowhale, and the ancient Engines. His other attacks are Puppet Regime (傀儡傀儡政権, Kugutsu Kairaiseiken) which can turn his subordinates into his puppets, Ration Provision Bullet (定額給付弾, Teigaku Kyūfu Dan). He uses his staff to unleashes his most powerful attacks: Enforcing Vote (強行採決, Kyōkō Saiketsu) and Closing Despotic Proclamation: Yogoshimanifesto Break (最終独裁宣言・ヨゴシマニフェストブレイク, Saishū Dokusai Sengen: Yogoshimanifesuto Bureiku). Eventually, Yogoshimacritein reveals to Kegalesia and Kitaneidas that he never cared for his surbordinates and will sacrifice them as long as it is to accomplish their plan. After losing the Infinite Wastebin to the ministers, Yogoshimacritein fatally damages them both before making his way to the Deus Haguru Magear to power himself up until he is trapped in the Bikkurium chamber as the gear is destroyed, causing the entire Hellgailles Palace to collapse around him. However, Yogoshimacritein reconstructs himself from his gears and attempts to destroy the city until he is halted by Hant, Gunpei, and the Go-on Wings. Once the primary Go-ongers join the fray, Yogoshimacritein enlarges himself in a process called Third Industrial Revolution (第三次産業革命, Daisanji Sangyō Kakumei) and battles Engine-Oh G12 until he is finally destroyed by the G12 Final Grand Prix attack.

Yogoshimacritein is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada, who also voices Yogostein.


Cleaning Minister Kireizky (掃治大臣キレイズキー, Sōji Daijin Kireizukī, 42-44) [Note 8] is one of the Gaiark's ministers, who "cleans" the slate of Braneworlds he has visited, destroying the Sound World, the Magic World, and the Prism World to acquire a special energy called Dokkirium (ドッキリウム, Dokkiriumu). Arriving in the Human World, Kireizky intervened during Engine-Oh G9's fight with Bin Banki before formally introducing himself. Kireizky is armed with Seven Cleaning Tools (オソウジ七つ道具, Osōji Nanatsu Dōgu) such as Duster Blade (ハタキブレード, Hataki Burēdo) with which he can execute the Dust Trash (ホコリトラッシュ, Hokori Torasshu), Tying Sleeves (たすき掛け, Tasuki Gake), and Round Moon Slash (円月斬り, Engetsu Giri) attacks. His other weapons are Broom Shotgun (ホウキショットガン, Hōki Shottogan), Anti-Soul Rag (アンチソウルゾーキン, Anchi Sōru Zōkin) that can absorb Engine-Soul based attacks and send them back to knock them out or be wrung into the Rag Grenade (ゾウキングレネード, Zōkin Gurenēdo), the Dustpan Shield (チリトリシールド, Chiritori Shīrudo), and Cotton Swab Kunai (メンボークナイ, Menbō Kunai). His sixth weapon, the Bottomless Wastebin (ムゲンゴミバコ, Mugen Gomibako), allows him to manipulate space itself from evading an enemy attack to sending them far away with Vacuum Full Power (バキュームフルパワー, Bakyūmu Furu Pawā). But once losing the wastebin, Kireizky swallows the Dokkirium he gather to undergo Super Industrial Revolution (超産業革命, Chōsangyō Kakumei) before using the strongest of his seven weapons, the Bucket Bazooka (バケツバズーカ, Baketsu Bazūka). Though he overpowered the Go-ongers, the tables turn when the entire team is reassembled and Kireizky is finally scrapped by Engine-Oh G12. However, his Wastebin ended up at the Hellgailles Palace, still active as Yogoshimacritein and Chirakasonne emerge from it. His name is from the Japanese word for "tidiness" (綺麗好き, kireizuki).

Kireizky is voiced by Eiji Takemoto (竹本 英史, Takemoto Eiji), previously the voice of Rouki in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.


Danger Cabinet-Director Chirakasonne (危官房長官チラカソーネ, Kikanbō Chōkan Chirakasōne, 47) [Note 9] is Yogoshimacritein's Boiler-based right-hand man in bulky armor who ends his sentence with "nonne". He is a user of kenpō named Natural Litter Constitution (天地羅苛死憲法, Tenchirakashi Kenpō) and his trademark attack is the Natural Reversal (天地逆転, Tenchi Gyakuten), ingesting the energy attack of an opponent and reflecting back. His other attack, Natural Unnecessariness (天地無用, Tenchi Muyō), produces a shockwave that levels buildings to the ground. Once the Go-ongers found a means to counter his signature move, Chirakasonne ingests Dokkirium and defeats both Engine-Oh and Seiku-Oh easily. But GunBir-Oh turns the tables and overloads Chirakasonne with its attack.

Chirakasonne is voiced by Bin Shimada (島田 敏, Shimada Bin), previously the voice of Satarakura in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger.


Pollution President Batcheed (害統領バッチード, Gaitōryō Batchīdo, [Note 10]) is the top leader of the Gaiark who appears in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!! and ends his sentences with "de aru". He has been conquering the Gunman World (ガンマンワールド, Ganman Wārudo) when he comes across the Go-ongers and battles them before intending to enter the Human World. When they are all sent through a dimensional rift to the Human World, Batcheed joins forces with the Gedoushu so he can use their Sanzu River's water to complete the Batchrium Plant (バッチリウムプラント, Batchiriumu Purant) on the moon's surface which can pollute all the Braneworlds. His attacks are Batcheed Spiral (バッチードスパイラル, Batchīdo Supairaru) which shoots gears from his head, and Batcheed Vulcan (バッチードバルカン, Batchīdo Barukan) which fires screw-shaped bullets from his abdomen. After executing Industrial Revolution and combining with the Batchrium Plant, he is destroyed by the Samurai Giants and the Engines in the Samurai Formation 23.[3]

Batcheed is voiced by Banjō Ginga (銀河 万丈, Ginga Banjō).



Other Barbaric Machine Clans[edit]

Cousin groups related to the Gaiark who are as evil as they are.

Arelunbra Family[edit]

Preceding the Gaiark as the Engines' mortal enemies, the Barbaric Machine Clan Arelunbra Family (蛮機族アレルンブラ家, Bankizoku Arerunbura Ke) were sea-based androids terrorized Machine World with their Water Pollution Machine Knights (害水機士, Gaisui Kishi) before their leader Nigorl left for the Human World and the Arelunbra faded into legend.

  • Water Pollution Machine Knight Uzumaquixote (害水機士ウズマキホーテ, Gaisui Kishi Uzumakihōte, 25): A servant of Nigorl who ends his sentences with "Knight", armed with a jousting lance and shield with the ability to consume anything from garbage to energy. Stuck on Earth as a stone statue after too more exposure to the clean surroundings, Uzumaquixote was found by a young Renn, thinking that it was a Kṣitigarbha (地蔵, Jizō) statue as he prayed to it to make his mother better before she died. By present day, Renn sought out the statue when he visited his childhood home, with the Pollution Ministers and Go-on Wings fighting over it. In the end, Kegalesia revives Uzumaquixote and has him attack the Go-ongers, until Renn transforms into Go-on Blue seeing his "family" more important than his sentimentality for the statue. After ingesting Bikkurium, Uzamaquixote is scrapped after a three-pronged attack from Seiku-Oh, GunBir-Oh, and Engine-Oh after Renn perfects the Kyu-yu Soul's re-energizing powers, but not before revealing his master being on Earth as well. Uzamaquixote is named after the Japanese word for "spiral" and "whirlpool" (渦巻, uzumaki) and Don Quixote (ドン・キホーテ, Don Kihōte). Voiced by Naomi Kusumi (楠見 尚己, Kusumi Naomi).
  • Water Pollution Prince Nigorl zo Arelunbra (害水王子ニゴール・ゾ・アレルンブラ, Gaisui Ōji Nigōru zo Arerunbura, 26): Prince of the Arelunbra, a fencing master of the Nigorl Rapier (ニゴールレイピア, Nigōru Reipia) and able to summon rain clouds. Nigorl ended up on Earth in suspended animation after Kegalesia turns him down, due to the fact that he has an unusual liking to things he considers beautiful which contradicts the Gaiark's taboo on the word "beauty." Though revived, Nigorl's affections turn from Kegalesia to Bearrv as he attempts to marry her. But after the team regains Bearrv from him, Nigorl is mortally wounded and left to die by Kegalesia. While fighting, Nigorl's stronger ability is the Water Pollution branch's trademark Water Pollution Fusion, using it on Kegalesia and mass amounts of water to enlarge into a giant without need of Bikkurium and having Kegalesia interfaced in his systems as a battery to increase his power. In this state, referred as Mix Kegalegorl (ミックス・ケガレゴール, Mikkusu Kegaregōru), Nigorl's attacks are Kegalegorl BeBeBeBeam (ケガレゴール・ビビビビーム, Kegaregōru BiBiBiBīmu) and Kegalegorl ThunThuThunder (ケガレゴール・サンササンダー, Kegaregōru SanSaSandā). His name is from the Japanese word for "to get impure" (濁る, nigoru). Voiced by Kenji Nojima (野島 健児, Nojima Kenji).


The Barbaric Machine Clan Horonderthal (蛮機族ホロンデルタール, Bankizoku Horonderutāru, 34 & 35) is of a legendary clan of giant Clockwork Savage Machines which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs on the earth 65 million years ago with his violence-inducing Horonden Wave (ホロンデン波, Horondenpa). He battled with the Ancient Engines at that time, with their fight ending up with both sides fossilized within a mountain. Making it his goal, Yogostein manages to find the location with the aid of Drill Banki, only to accidentally free the Ancient Engines instead. But after personally finding the exact location of Horonderthal, Yogostein awakens him from his rest and upgrades him so that his attack can affect Kyoretsu-Oh. However, in spite of his modern-time upgrades, the Horonderthal became the first to be scrapped by Engine-Oh G12 with Yogostein taking the Horonderthal's power for himself. His name is from the Japanese word for "extinct" (滅ぶ, horobu) and "Neanderthal" (ネアンデルタール, Neanderutāru).


Barbaric Machine Soldiers Ugatz (蛮機兵ウガッツ, Bankihei Ugattsu)
Android footsoldiers built to support the Barbaric Machine Beasts and pilot the Barbaric Dohmas, later upgraded by Hiramechimedes with his screws. When Nigorl arrives, he brings his own feminine Beauty Ugatz (ビューティウガッツ, Byūti Ugattsu), which are stronger than the regular Ugatz. Some of the Ugatz had their souls removed from them by Yogostein to revive the Savage Machine Beasts. In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!!, the Ugatz can transform into motorcycles for the Nanashi to ride. They return in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger first fighting the Gokaiger along with the other foot soldiers in the Ghost Ship film and later under the service of Babatcheed. Its name is from the Japanese word for "dig" (穿つ, ugatsu).
Barbaric Dohma (蛮ドーマ, Bandōma)
Cave cricket-like jet fighters invented by Hiramechimedes which can assume a frog-like walking mode. Though normally used by the Ugatz, the Pollution Ministers piloted their own Barbaric Dohmas before escaping to Earth. Its name is from the Japanese word for "cave cricket" (カマドウマ(竈馬), Kamadōma).
Barbaric Dohma SP (Special) (蛮ドーマSP, Bandōma Supesharu)
Cave cricket and Mantis-like jet fighters that serve as Hiramechimedes' personal transport, each able to hold up to four Barbaric Dohma on itself to resemble a classic World War I airplane. The Pollution Ministers later used their own Barbaric Dohma SP to transport their Recycle Savage Machine Beast Army to carry out their plan to tear down the dimensional barrier.

Barbaric Machine Beasts[edit]

The Barbaric Machine Beasts (蛮機獣, Bankijū) are monsters created to pollute the Earth. They are each separated into one of three types that are under the Pollution Ministers: Savage Ground (害地, Gaichi), Savage Sea (害水, Gaisui), and Savage Sky (害気, Gaiki). The Barbaric Machine Beasts are infused with a special energy called Bikkurium (ビックリウム, Bikkuriumu) that enlarges them in a process called Industrial Revolution (産業革命, Sangyō Kakumei), however this process can be activated while the Barbaric Machine Beast is still alive. They are named putting the suffix "Banki" (バンキ, Banki) after the name of the object they are based on, machines that were present at the turn of the century. When scrapped, the dead Savage Machine Beasts shrink back to normal size and end up at the Savage Machine Beast Graveyard. Yogostein took advantage of this in his Savage Machine Beast program by using Ugatz souls to reanimate the Recycled Barbaric Machine Beast Army (リサイクル蛮機獣軍団, Risaikuru Bankijū Gundan, movie), only for them to be rescrapped by the Engines due to being much weaker than they used to be.

  • Shoukyaku Banki (ショウキャクバンキ, Shōkyaku Banki, 1): An incinerator (焼却炉, shōkyakuro) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas, putting stuff into the furnace on his forehead to induce smog and perform his attacks. Shoukyaku Banki prefers to burn flowers and anything pretty to improve the toxicity of his smog. He fails in his mission when the Go-ongers arrive, and is forcefully upgraded by the Pollution Ministers. Shoukyaku Banki is the first to be scrapped by Engine-Oh. The second Shoukyaku Banki in the narikiri movie Legendary Hero (伝説ノヒーロー, Densetsu no Hīrō) was scrapped by Engine-Oh. Voiced by Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士, Nagasako Takashi).
  • Pipe Banki (パイプバンキ, Paipu Banki, 2): A drainage pipe (排水パイプ, haisui paipu) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia to pollute Earth's waters with the sludge from his pipes, tending to say "Jobber" in his sentences. The Go-ongers for fight him when he tests his powers at a dam, retreating after succeeding. He then returns later to pollute Shindaiba in giant form, attacking the Go-ongers once learning they are without their Engine Casts. But once the three get them back, Pipe Banki is then scrapped by Engine-Oh after a messy hostage situation. Voiced by Takayuki Kondō (近藤 孝行, Kondō Takayuki).
  • Scoop Banki (スコップバンキ, Sukoppu Banki, 3): A scoop (スコップ, sukoppu) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to attack Neo Tokyo Hills, tending to say "Kappore" (a meaningless word sung for rhythm) in his sentences. His trademark attacks are "Landslide Blizzard" and the stronger "Super Landslide Blizzard", using his shovel gauntlets to scoop up boulders or bury his opponents in dirt. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh after being corrected by Go-on Blue that Musashi killed Kojirō not with two swords, but with a long bokken (the length of the Go-on Sword gave the Go-ongers a greater advantage over Scoop Banki's shovel gauntlets). Voiced by Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保, Nishiwaki Tamotsu), previously the voice of Highness Duke Org Ura in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
  • Spray Banki (スプレーバンキ, Supurē Banki, 4): A clumsy yet over eager spray bottle (スプレー, supurē) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia as her assassin to steal the Engine Cast of Birca. He can shoot acid from his mouth. He is wounded by Birca and Gunpherd before Engine-Oh scraps him. Voiced by Antoki no Inoki (アントキの猪木).
  • Jishaku Banki (ジシャクバンキ, Jishaku Banki, 5): A magnet (磁石, jishaku) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein with the power of magnetism, able to take his opponents' weapons and use them. Though defeated in the first fight, Jishaku Banki is upgraded to Denjishaku Banki (デンジシャクバンキ, Denjishaku Banki), becoming an electromagnet (電磁石, denjishaku) with greater power with his Fleming's Law attack until Hant destroys his power source. He is the first to be scrapped by Engine-Oh Birca. Voiced by Toshiharu Sakurai (桜井 敏治, Sakurai Toshiharu).
  • Speaker Banki (スピーカーバンキ, Supīkā Banki, 6): A speaker (スピーカー, supīkā) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas, able to convert beautiful sound waves into noise pollution with his microphone spear before shooting out the resulting sound waves from his speakers. Speaker Banki is later upgraded to generate louder sound waves that can block most attacks. However, Speaker Banki's one weakness was the (nonfunctional) speakers on his feet. He is the first to be scrapped by Engine-Oh Gunpherd, as it could break through the barrier. Voiced by Issei Futamata (二又 一成, Futamata Issei).
  • Bombe Banki (ボンベバンキ, Bonbe Banki, 7): A gas cylinder (ボンベ, bonbe, from the German bombe) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia in her plan to get rid of Engine-Oh, though Carrigator almost ruined it. To that end, he intentionally had himself defeated to enlarge and use his Red Rust Beam to defeat Engine-Oh. However, Bombe Banki ends up being the first to be scrapped by GunBir-Oh. Voiced by Masato Hirano (平野 正人, Hirano Masato).
  • Boring Banki (ボーリングバンキ, Bōringu Banki, 8): A boring machine (ボーリングマシン, bōringu mashin) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to attack the city. Though he went to sleep suddenly, Boring Banki's sleep mode is a drilling mode to extract magma to destroy the city. In the end, Boring Banki is destroyed by both Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh. Voiced by Naoki Imamura (今村 直樹, Imamura Naoki).
  • Lens Banki (レンズバンキ, Renzu Banki, 9): A lens (レンズ, renzu) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas to use his power to teleport people into Junk World, using the Braneworld's ability to mechanize humans as part of his plan to create new Ugatz. Though scrapped by Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh, Lens Banki's pictures of their final attacks are used in the creation of Kagami Banki. Voiced by Kōichi Tōchika (遠近 孝一, Tōchika Kōichi).
  • Kagami Banki (カガミバンキ, Kagami Banki, 10): A mirror (, kagami) Barbaric Machine Beast created in by all three of the Pollution Ministers, tending to say "Mirror" in his sentences. Because of the pictures Lens Banki took before being destroyed, Kagami Banki can use the mirror on his chest to duplicate the Engines' attacks with his "Mirror Effect". After being recharged with Bikkurium, which took longer in his case, Kagami Banki reveals his true Land/Sky/Sea Form, possessing the powers of all three Pollution Ministers, using it in his "Mirror Bomb" attack. He is the first to be scrapped by Engine-Oh G6. Voiced by Junpei Morita (森田 順平, Morita Junpei), previously the voice of Creator King Ryuuwon in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
  • Antenna Banki (アンテナバンキ, Antena Banki, 11): An antenna (アンテナ, antenna) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas, it can interfere with television signals by sending his own special hypnotic ones to control anyone who saw a television getting that signal, brainwashing the masses into polluting the city while forcing the Go-ongers apart with what their desire the most save Gunpei. His signature attack is "Satellite Shower", firing a beam in the air with multitude of lasers raining down on his opponent. He is scrapped by GunBir-Oh's Gunpherd Gunfire. Voiced by Hideaki Kusaka (日下 秀昭, Kusaka Hideaki).
  • Hatsuden Banki (ハツデンバンキ, Hatsuden Banki, 12): An electrical generator (発電機, hatsudenki) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein that can drop powerful lightning bolts, saying "bika" in his sentences. Sōsuke tried to use this against Hatsuden Banki but it resulted in both switching bodies when Hatsuden's lightning hit them. Though tried to take advantage of his current state, Hatsuden loses it after listening to the others' babbling and runs off to find Yogostein. When Yogostein retreated as his minion is exposed, Hatsuden Sōsuke attempts to destroy the Go-ongers as Go-on Red. By then, Go-Ongers managed to revert this by shooting a special Sōsuke Soul into Hatsuden Go-on Red with the Junction Rifle, returning the Barbaric Machine Beast back into his body. But now hampered by a cold that Sōsuke had been suffering, Hatsuden Banki is scrapped by Engine-Oh G6. Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (檜山 修之, Hiyama Nobuyuki).
  • Hikigane Banki (ヒキガネバンキ, Hikigane Banki, 13): A trigger (引き金, hikigane) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast under Kegalesia, ranked as Gaiark's top sniper and says "Gane" in his sentences. He was sent to take Būkorin back to Gego, whom he called "Boss" (兄貴, Aniki) for stopping his attack without trouble. Using his various attacks, like "Water Magnum", Hikigane Banki overpowers the Go-ongers until Renn arrives to even the odds. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh G6 and he regrets that he will not see the Chunichi Dragons' win one last time. Voiced by Yasuaki Takumi (内匠 靖明, Takumi Yasuaki).
  • Kama Banki (カマバンキ, Kama Banki): A bath heater (14, 風呂釜, furogama) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia, says "Come On" in his sentences. By using the mist from his nostrils, Kama Banki can teleport people into the hot springs on his head and remove any interference in Gaiark's plan. It is only after reaching enlightenment that the Savage Machine Beast's power reaches its zenith, though Kama Banki is no match for a love-filled Hant before a "mixed-up" Engine-Oh G6 scraps him. Voiced by Tamio Ōki (大木 民夫, Ōki Tamio).
  • Oil Banki (オイルバンキ, Oiru Banki, 16): An oil (オイル, oiru) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia who can create a super slippery oil slick on the city, incapacitating not only normal ground vehicles but Engine-Oh G6. After being defeated by Toripter and Jetras, Hiramechimedes upgrades Oil Banki with wings to take on the Wing Engines. But using mops to counter the oil slick, Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh scrap Oil Banki with little trouble. Voiced by Taketora (武虎).
  • Happa Banki (ハッパバンキ, Happa Banki, 17): A dynamite (ダイナマイト, dainamaito) Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast, Yogostein's "number one hooligan" and ends his sentences with "dappa." He is sent to destroy the city with his Dynamite Don-Don attack until the Go-on Wings interfere. Teaming up with Yogostein and Hiramechimedes as part of a trio, Happa Banki overwhelms the Go-ongers until the Go-on Wings arrive. He is scrapped by Go-on Gold after he takes his Bikkurium, preventing him from growing, and instead making him explode. His name comes from the Japanese word for "rock blasting" (発破, happa). Voiced by Masaharu Satō (佐藤 正治, Satō Masaharu).
  • Vacuum Banki (バキュームバンキ, Bakyūmu Banki, 18): A vacuum cleaner (掃除機, sōjiki) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas to terminate the Go-on Wings while their guard is down. But after being man handled by Go-on Gold Vacuum Banki kidnaps Miu and holds her hostage to force Hiroto give up his Wing Trigger and Change Soul. Sōsuke's inference allows Miu to be freed as all three manage to defeat Vacuum Banki. He is the first Barbaric Machine Beast to be scrapped by Engine-Oh Jetripter. Voiced by Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀, Matsuno Taiki), previously the voice of Shurikenger in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.
  • Nokogiri Banki (ノコギリバンキ, Nokogiri Banki, 19): A saw (ノコギリ, nokogiri) Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "Giri." With his saw blade arm, Nokogiri Banki can cut through any material, though he only targeted things taller than himself. His only weakness was a constant tightening of the bolt that keeps his forearm together. Though scrapped by Engine-Oh G6, Hiramechimedes rebuilds him into the stronger Chainsaw Banki (チェーンソーバンキ, Chēnsō Banki, 20). Now chainsaw (チェーンソー, chēnsō)-based with his weaknesses removed, Chainsaw Banki was properly used by Hiramechimedes in a plan to take out both Go-on teams while polluting the air, only for Jum-bowhale's interference to ruin it as Chainsaw Banki is scrapped by Seiku-Oh. Voiced by Takayuki Godai (五代 高之, Godai Takayuki), who previously portrayed Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.
  • Fūsen Banki (フーセンバンキ, Fūsen Banki, 21): Referred as the "Tiger of Balloons", this balloon (風船, fūsen) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast rubbery body made him immune to most physical attacks as well as use his balloons in his "Jet Balloons" and "Balloon Bombs" attacks. Fūsen Banki was sent by Kitaneidas to give off his smog-filled balloons to children, until the Go-on Wings drove him off. However, Hiramechimedes has Fūsen Banki use his inflation power on Bomper and target him so the Go-ongers would get hurt protecting him. However, Seiku-Oh's interference ruins the plan as it scraps the Savage Machine Beast. Voiced by Ippei Hara (原 一平, Hara Ippei).
  • Bōseki Banki (ボーセキバンキ, Bōseki Banki, 22): A spinning mule (紡績機械, bōseki kikai) Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to aid Hiramechimedes in his plan by making a pretend assassination attempt on his life, able to fire streams of yarn string to immobilize her enemy in her Shuuraiya attack. However, once Hiramechimedes springs his trap, she undergoes "Original Industrial Revolution" (元祖産業革命, Ganso Sangyō Kakumei) to lay the deathblow on Seiku-Oh before being the first Savage Machine Beast to be scrapped by Engine-Oh G9. Voiced by Rica Matsumoto (松本 梨香, Matsumoto Rika).
  • Dowsing Banki (ダウジングバンキ, Daujingu Banki, 27): A dowsing rod (ダウジングロッド, daujingu roddo) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who uses a pair of tonfa as her weapons and as dowsing rods, ending her sentences with -ing (-イング, -ingu) words (e.g., "running," "fencing," "ending"). She manages to overpower Engine-Oh Gunpherd until she weakened by being covered in flowers, with Engine-Oh G9 finishing her off. Voiced by Harumi Edo (エド・はるみ, Edo Harumi).
  • Manhole Banki (マンホールバンキ, Manhōru Banki, 28): A manhole (マンホール, manhōru) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who moves too fast for even Bomper and the Go-on Wings to sense, using "Glug" in his sentences. He is sent kidnap pen-spinners as part of Kitaneidas' plan to power his Destructive Sound Machine and destroy the city. His signature move is "Grind Manhole", shooting out manholes at his enemies. He was eventually scrapped by Engine-Oh G9. Voiced by Kentarō Itō (伊藤 健太郎, Itō Kentarō).
  • Hammer Banki (ハンマーバンキ, Hanmā Banki, 29): A hammer (ハンマー, hanmā) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast created by Yogostein when he returned from his travel. Being infused with his creator's hate, Hammer Banki is compelled to destroy everything even to the point of disobeying Yogostein. Hammer Banki was the first to battle the completed Go-Roader. Voiced by Riki Kitazawa (北沢 力, Kitazaki Riki).
  • Straw Banki (ストローバンキ, Sutorō Banki, 30): A drinking straw (ストロー, sutorō) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "buku". Other than using his Straw Scatter Shot to make people breathe out poison gases, his power depends on any of four bottles he drinks to gain a special ability. His Explosive Drink, in a yellow bottle, allows him to shoot soap bubbles that explode on impact, his Smokescreen Drink, in a purple bottle, releases a smoke screen, and his Capsule Drink, blue bottle, creates a bubble prison. However, with the red Gai Aqua, a special power-up drink created by Kegalesia, Straw Banki's abilities and evil increase. Though he loses the Gai Aqua in his initial attack, Kegalesia creates a supply of it for her monster to use when he overwhelms the team without Go-on Red. But once the Go-on Mach Team arrives, Straw Banki is defeated by the duo before Industrial Revolutionizing and scrapped by Bearrv, Bus-on, Seiku-Oh, and GunBir-Oh. Voiced by Yasuhiro Takato (高戸 靖広, Takato Yasuhiro), previously the voice of Raigel/Meemy in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
  • Drill Banki (ドリルバンキ, Doriru Banki, 32 & 33): A drill (ドリル, doriru) the Most Powerful Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with -dori (ドリ, -dori) words and can fire his Dri-Cam Attack from the drill horn on his attack. Sent by Yogostein to find the "Golden Dragon" in hope it was the Horonderthal, Drill Banki accidentally revived the Ancient Engines instead and had been berated by Yogostein to find them under the impression that they are the Horonderthal. Taking out his frustrations on the Go-ongers, Drill Banki is the first to be scrapped by Kyoretsu-Oh. Voiced by Chihiro Suzuki (鈴木 千尋, Suzuki Chihiro), previously the voice of the Quester Rei in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
  • Heater Banki (ヒーターバンキ, Hītā Banki, 34): A heater (ヒーター(電熱器), hītā (dennetsuki)) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas to put the city in a heat wave before change of plans to target the city's gas tanks. Using the Burning Coil (灼熱コイル, Shakunetsu Koiru) batons as his weapons, Heater Banki's signature attack is Fiery-Wind Beam. He was frozen and scrapped by Kyoretsu-Oh. Voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka (伊丸岡 篤, Imaruoka Atsushi).
  • Engine Banki (エンジンバンキ, Enjin Banki, 37): An Engine (炎神, Enjin) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast created by Kitaneidas based on Engine-Oh to avenge the death of Yogostein. Assuming the form of gas guzzling dekotora with the mentality of a trucker, ending his sentences with "Tora", Engine Banki can Tru-Transform into a humanoid form to execute his Big Tornado, Roaring Cannon, and Assault First Star Missile attacks. He was shrunk by the Kankanber and scrapped by the Kankan Mantangun. Voiced by Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu), previously the voice of Highness Duke Org Shuten in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and Doggy Kruger/DekaMaster in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • Shower Banki (シャワーバンキ, Shawā Banki, 38): A shower (シャワー, shawā) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends her sentences with "Shower". Shower Banki is by Kegalesia with a special liquid to cover the city in acid rain. However, the liquid's formulation was not acidic and had an unforeseen side effect that freezes any male exposed to it within 30 minutes. Once aware of this, Kegalesia gives Shower Banki Super Ultra Gorgeous Acid Rain and sends her to eliminate the male Go-ongers. However, Saki, Miu, and Bearrv managed to outwit and beat her. But by the time Shower Banki Industrial Revolutionizes, the male Go-ongers arrive in their Engines with GunBir-Oh Jetras and Seiku-Oh Gunpherd scrapping her. Voiced by Hiromi Tsuru (鶴 ひろみ, Tsuru Hiromi).
  • Yatai Banki (ヤタイバンキ, Yatai Banki, 39): A yatai (屋台, yatai) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "-wasshoi" (ワッショイ, wasshoi). He is sent to capture children in order to start up Kitaneidas' plan to subjugate the world into chaos with endless festive fun. However, when it turned out the Minister's plan was too time-consuming, Yatai Banki is sent to fight the Go-ongers while Ministers go after the two boys from the Samurai World have entered the Human World. But after using his festival space on them, he is scrapped by the three Engine formations. Voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一, Sakaguchi Kōichi), previously the voice of Duke Org Yabaiba in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
  • Bin Banki (ビンバンキ, Bin Banki, 42): A bottle (ビン, bin) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with bin. Though a weakling with his signature attack, Hot Water Commercial, even weaker, Kegalesia has Manabu Yushima use his magic to upgrade the Savage Machine Beast into the stronger Thermos (魔法瓶, mahōbin)-based Mahōbin Banki (マホービンバンキ, Mahōbin Banki), now able to use magic and adding "Tiger" in his sentences. But once stripped of his magic and Industrial Revolutionized, Mahōbin Banki is scrapped by Kyoretsu-Oh while making references to Leonardo da Vinci. Voiced by Wataru Takagi (高木 渉, Takagi Wataru).
  • Dumbbell Banki (ダンベルバンキ, Danberu Banki, 46): A dumbbell (ダンベル, danberu) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast built to be the strongest, ending his sentences with "bell" (ベル, beru). He is sent to use his heavy breathing from his workout to fill the air with carbon dioxide. Though strong, Dumbbell Banki's forearms are so heavy that he cannot lift them up himself, and relies on two Ugatz named Ugatz L and Ugatz R to lift his arms for him via remote control. But without them, Dumbbell Banki can fire the Super Dumbbell Missile from his chest as both a defense and an offense. He is scrapped by the teamwork of Seiku-Oh and the Go-Roader. Voiced by Yūji Kishi (岸 祐二, Kishi Yūji), who previously portrayed Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.
  • Kettei Banki (ケッテイバンキ, Kettei Banki, 48): A Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia and Kitaneidas who was modeled after all of the Barbaric Machine Beasts (全ての蛮機獣, Subete no Bankijū) that came before, thus able to use all their attacks. The name comes from the Japanese word for "definitive" (決定, kettei). He is scrapped by the combined finishing attacks of Engine-Oh, Kyoretsu-Oh, and Seiku-Oh. Voiced by Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔, Gōri Daisuke), previously the voice of Chuuzubo in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger.

Other Barbaric Machine Beasts[edit]

  • Mic Banki (マイクバンキ, Maiku Banki): A microphone (マイクロフォン, maikurofon) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas who appeared in the special drama sessions of the first Engine Sentai Go-onger original soundtrack. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh.
  • Hedoro Banki (ヘドロバンキ, Hedoro Banki): A sludge (ヘドロ, hedoro) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia who appeared in the special drama sessions of the first Engine Sentai Go-onger original soundtrack. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh.
  • Kussaku Banki (クッサクバンキ, Kussaku Banki): An excavator drill (掘削機, kussakuki) Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein who appeared in the Go-onger Manga. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh G6.
  • Okunote Banki (オクノテバンキ, Okunote Banki): Appeared in the stage show Aerial Warriors! The Go-on Wings Appear!! (天空の戦士!ゴーオンウイングス登場!!, Tenkū no Senshi! Gōon Uingusu Tōjō!!). The name comes from the Japanese word for "trump" (奥の手, oku no te).
  • Nunchaku Banki (ヌンチャクバンキ, Nunchaku Banki, Go-onger vs. Gekiranger): A nunchaku (ヌンチャク, nunchaku) Special Land/Sea/Air Pollution Type Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast created by Meka in the Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger movie. Because his creator is of the Rinjūken Akugata, Nunchaku Banki can perform Ringi. After being installed with the Dōkokugan Soul, Nunchaku Banki becomes super powerful until he is forced to shut down by Go-on Red and GekiRed. However, his lifeless body is later used by Long in the form of Long Banki before its destruction by Engine-Oh G12 and SaiDaiGekiRinTohja's combined final attack, The Engine Beast Grand Prix. Voiced by Takahiro Yoshimizu (吉水 孝宏, Yoshimizu Takahiro).
    • Nunchaku Banki's Ringi: Air Splitting Wave (空裂波, Kureppa) is a dimensional Ringi, and Delayed Weakening (時劣態, Jirettai) is a Ringi that has a delayed effect on the opponent that injures him.


  1. ^ "Gaiark" comes from the Japanese word for "harm" (害悪, gaiaku).
  2. ^ Kegaleshia's name is from on the Japanese word for "to get dirty" (汚れる, kegareru).
  3. ^ Kitanaidas' name is from the Japanese word for "filthy" (汚い, kitanai).
  4. ^ Yogostein's name is from the Japanese word for "to soil" (汚す, yogosu).
  5. ^ Hiramechimedes' name is a combination of the Japanese word for "flash; brilliance" (閃き, hirameki) and "Archimedes" (アルキメデス, Arukimedesu). His later forms are named after the words for "nonsense" (出鱈目, detarame) and "grudge" (恨めしい, urameshii).
  6. ^ Kokorootomedes' name is a combination of "heart" (, kokoro), "maiden" (乙女, otome), and "Archimedes."
  7. ^ Yogoshimacritein's name is from the Japanese word for "to pollute" (汚しまくる, yogoshimakuru) and his title based on "Prime Minister" (総理大臣, Sōridaijin).
  8. ^ Kireizky's name is from the Japanese word for "tidiness" (綺麗好き, kireizuki).
  9. ^ Chirakasonne's name is from the Japanese word for "to litter" (散らかす, chirakasu).
  10. ^ Batcheed's name is from the Japanese word for "dirty" (ばっちい, batchii) and his title based on the word for "President" (大統領, Daitōryō)