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Genresalternative rock, rap rock, post-rock, electronic rock
Years active2001–2004, 2011, 2012–present
Associated acts
WebsiteOfficial site
Past membersNaru

Baroque (stylized as BAROQUE and previously as baroque) is a Japanese rock band originally formed in 2001.[1][2] Originally signed to S'Cube, a sub-division of the independent record label Free-Will, the band later switched to the company's Firewall Division, with distribution handled by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. After releasing two albums, along with a greatest hits compilation, several singles and home video releases, baroque disbanded in 2004.

They became the newest band to play at the prestigious Nippon Budokan after just two years and three months into their career.[3] They have also been credited as one of the bands that started oshare kei,[4] a subgenre of visual kei that features more colorful outfits and utilizes upbeat and "happy" music.

baroque reunited for a free concert in 2011 and fully restarted activities in January 2012. That same month, baroque became the first independent band to have three of the top five positions on Oricon's main chart. However, bassist Bansaku left the group several months later and guitarist Akira followed in 2013, leaving only the duo of vocalist ryo and guitarist Kei.


2001–2004: Formation and disbandment[edit]

baroque was formed in May 2001 by guitarist Akira and bassist Bansaku, after vocalist ryo and guitarist Kei joined in June, they had their first concert in August. The following month saw the demo "Hitei Derikashi" released and around the same time drummer Naru joined.[5] The band released the mini-album Tokyo Stripper at their first one-man concert on January 12, 2002. However, Naru left the band in March and was replaced by Yuji.[6]

Even thou they were still an independent band, baroque was able to play at NHK Hall and Akasaka Blitz.[1][6] They signed to a major label in Spring 2003, however, Yuji officially left the band in May 2003 due to problems with his brain/memory.[5][7] Their first major single was July 2003's "Gakidou".[8] When baroque went major, their sound shifted and included a drum machine; also their style shifted to casual clothing.[9] Their second major single "Ila" (2004) particularly had a trance/electronica sound.[1] After an August 20, 2003 concert at the Nippon Budokan, which made baroque the fastest band to play the prestigious venue after just two years and three months of activity,[3] Kei was arrested due to a drunken fight with the venue crew. Their single was delayed, several concerts cancelled, and their website temporarily closed.[5]

After resuming activities and releasing several singles in 2004, Akira was temporarily hospitalized, resulting in more concert cancellations.[5] In August, Bansaku announced he was resigning.[10] On September 11, two days after the release of their first album Sug Life, baroque announced that they would break up, but they continued activities through the rest of the year.[5][11][12] Their last concert was a sold out performance at Zepp Tokyo on December 25, 2004, titled "baroque Last Live Mumirai -No Future-".[1][9]

Vocalist ryo and guitarist Kei then reformed their previous band Kannivalism in 2006,[10] while Bansaku and Akira formed boogieman in 2007.[13]

2011–present: Reunion and the disappearance of Bansaku[edit]

baroque consisting of ryo, Kei, Bansaku and Akira reunited for a free live, titled "Odai ha Kekkou Irimasenkara", on July 17, 2011 at Yokohama Red Brick.[14] An estimated 10,000 fans attended.[15] On September 28, 2011, they announced that they would fully restart activities at a live called "baroque Re: First Live in Future" on January 6, 2012 at Zepp Tokyo.[16] On January 4, they released three singles, "Rinzen Identity", "Mono Dorama" and "Teeny-Tiny Star".[17] The singles reached third, fourth, and fifth, respectively, on the Oricon chart, making baroque the first independent band to have three of the top five positions on the majors' chart.[17] They then went on a nationwide tour in March, followed by a hall tour in April.[17]

On June 26, baroque posted on their website that bassist Bansaku had been missing since June 24.[18] The band notified the police and even retitled their tour to "Search for Bansaku".[18] A month later, on July 30, a message was posted on their website stating that a representative of Bansaku's contacted the band saying he was safe, but due to his health has decided to leave baroque.[19] However, as the message was not from Bansaku himself, the other members stated that they were trying to arrange a meeting with him in person.[19]


  • ryo ()vocals (2001–2004, 2011, 2012–present)
  • Kei () – guitar (2001–2004, 2011, 2012–present)
Former members
  • Naru (ナル)drums (2001–2002)
  • Yuji (祐二) – drums (2002–2003)
  • Bansaku (万作)bass (2001–2004, 2011, 2012)
  • Akira ()guitar (2001–2004, 2011, 2012–2013)


  • Sug Life (September 9, 2004) Oricon Weekly Album Chart Top Position: No. 31[20]
  • Non-fiction (ノンフィクション, April 3, 2013) No. 7[20]
  • Planetary Secret (May 27, 2015) No. 73[20]
Mini albums
  • Tokyo Stripper (東京ストリッパー, January 12, 2002)
Compilation Albums
  • Brq 2001-2004 (December 12, 2004) No. 55[20]
  • Complete Collection 2001-2004 (April 3, 2013) No. 57[20]
  • "Sukebe Boy" (スケベボウイ, August 7, 2002)
  • "Caramel Drops" (キャラメルドロップス, November 29, 2002)
  • "Chaplin" (February 5, 2003) Oricon Weekly Single Chart Top Position: No. 23[21]
  • "Gakidou" (我伐道, July 24, 2003) No. 14[21]
  • "ila." (April 7, 2004) No. 17[21]
  • "Gariron" (ガリロン, April 21, 2004) No. 18[21]
  • "Nutty a Hermit" (July 28, 2004) No. 28[21]
  • "Rinzen Identity" (凛然アイデンティティ, January 4, 2012) No. 3[21]
  • "Monodrama" (モノドラマ, January 4, 2012) No. 4[21]
  • "Teeny-Tiny Star" (January 4, 2012) No. 5[21]
  • "Zaza Ori Ame" (ザザ降り雨, June 20, 2012) No. 7[21]
  • "Mellow Hollow" (メロウホロウ, July 18, 2012) No. 9[21]
  • "Kizuna" (キズナ, December 12, 2012) 10[21]
  • "Tatoeba Kimi to Boku" (たとえば君と僕, January 23, 2013) 10[21]
  • "GIRL" (October 26, 2016)
  • Anakuro Film (あなくろフィルム, August 12, 2001)
  • Kamen Final (絶交KAMEN Final, April 3, 2003)
  • Brq DVD (December 15, 2004) Oricon Weekly DVD Chart Top Position: No. 55[22]
  • Clip Collection (March 23, 2005) No. 130[22]
  • Last Live Mumirai No Future (Last Live 無未来 NO FUTURE, March 23, 2005) No. 112[22]
  • Re:First Live In Future 2012.1.6 Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall (April 25, 2012) No. 87[22]
  • Tour Baroque Phenomenon 0th Phenomenon 2013.03.03 (TOUR バロック現象 第0現象 2013.03.03, May 15, 2013) No. 53[22]
  • Tour Baroque Phenomenon 4th Phenomenon (TOUR バロック現象 第4現象, May 15, 2013) No. 58[22]


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