Barren Earth

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Barren Earth
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Progressive death metal, melodic death metal, doom metal
Years active 2007–present
Labels Peaceville Records
Associated acts Swallow the Sun, Moonsorrow, Amorphis, Kreator, Hamferð, Rytmihäiriö
Members Jón Aldará
Olli-Pekka Laine
Kasper Mårtenson
Janne Perttilä
Marko Tarvonen
Sami Yli-Sirniö
Past members Mikko Kotamäki

Barren Earth is a Finnish progressive death metal band from Helsinki, and was formed in 2007.

Its music is said to be a combination of death metal, progressive rock, and folk music, pulling influence from the different groups each member is associated with.

Since their formation, the band has released one EP and three full-length albums.


Our Twilight and Curse of the Red River (2009 onwards)[edit]

In November 2009, the EP Our Twilight was issued, and included four songs. Strangely enough, the same year came out an album by another Finnish band Swallow the Sun, called New Moon. Some people noticed a connection to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga of vampires, her novels being Twilight and New Moon. When Laine was asked about that, he said he had never heard of these vampire movies or books. Shortly after the EP had been issued, Barren Earth performed its first gig, in the club Dante's Highlight in Helsinki. However, the LP coming up on March 2010, most of the festivals had already been booked bands for the summer 2010. Barren Earth had a gig on Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, though.

In February 2011, the band played a five-week tour in North America under the name "Finnish Metal Tour 2011", alongside other Finnish bands including Finntroll, Ensiferum and Rotten Sound, gathering support for their album that would officially be released around two months later.[1] On 31 March 2010, the band issued their debut album, Curse of the Red River. One of its nine songs was the title song of the previous EP, "Our Twilight". The album received very positive reviews. The band went on to receive the title of "Newcomer of the year" in 2011 at the Finnish Metal Awards, and "Best debut album" at the Metal Storm Awards 2010.[2]

The Devil's Resolve (2012)[edit]

On various websites dedicated to metal bands, it was told that the band's second album, The Devil's Resolve, containing nine songs, was due to be released on November 2011, once again by Peaceville Records.[3] The Devil's Resolve is said to contain even more 1970s progressive influences while keeping the brutality associated with the band. On their website, the band stated that, originally, twelve songs were written.[4] However, on the band's Facebook page the band told that because of delays in the production process the second album would not take place until February/March 2012.[5] On 29 February 2012, the band released the video "The Rains Begin" from their upcoming album.[6]

On Lonely Towers (2015)[edit]

Barren Earth revealed on January 28, 2015 that their new album On Lonely Towers will be released on March 24, 2015 by Century Media Records.[7] In 2014 the Faroese singer Jón Aldará joined the band as the new lead vocalist.[8] He is also known from the Faroese metal band Hamferð.[9]

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  • 2010 – "The Leer" (directed by Owe Lingvall)
  • 2012 – "The Rains Begin"
  • 2015 – "Set Alight" (directed by Owe Lingvall)

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