Bartogay Lake

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Bartogay Lake (Бартогайское водохранилище) is a reservoir in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan.[1] As it is far away from any pollution sources, it has remained relatively pristine.[2] It was built in the early 1980s on the Chilik River at the base of the Sogety Plateau (Syugaty Hills) as part of an irrigation project. The dam was completed in 1983 and the site became operational in 1985.[3][4] It collects water during the winter and spring and releases water for irrigation from June through September.[5]

Recreational fishing in the lake and in the outlet stream is permitted at certain times of year.[4] Animals in the area include marmots.[4]


Coordinates: 43°20′53″N 78°30′02″E / 43.347926°N 78.500687°E / 43.347926; 78.500687