Basketball Nightmare

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Basketball Nightmare
European cover art
Developer(s) Sega[1]
Publisher(s) Sega[1]
Designer(s) Tommy Ha Okorarenai
Ore Tensai Yamguchi
Watashi Tomocyan Ga Iina
Yasuo Te Wakatuki
Composer(s) Tokiwa Dota[2]
Ice Nagakura
Platform(s) Sega Master System[1]
Genre(s) Arcade-style basketball
Mode(s) Single-player

Basketball Nightmare is a 1989 basketball video game that was released exclusively for the Sega Master System in Europe, Canada, and Brazil.


The player is the captain of the hometown basketball team. Before he could prepare his team to win the all-American tournament, he started to have strange dreams about playing basketball in exotic locations against exotic creatures.[3]

Players have to play against the undead in a basketball court that is secluded in a cemetery.

The first level is against werewolves in the forest. Then, the gameplay involves into a game against the vampires inside a cave of skeletons before progressing into games against geisha and even against a troop of samurai warriors. Each opposing player is represented in a super-deformed anime style.[4] Players can replay the matches that they lost until they finally beat the opposing team. Players must choose between a 15-minute game, a 30-minute game, or a 45-minute game. Several basketball fouls can be called; including traveling, charging (the player with the ball intentionally collides with a defender), and pushing (the defending player intentionally colliding with the ball handler).[3]

There is an alternate mode that allows players to play "international basketball" against countries like the US, Cuba, China, the Soviet Union, Canada, and France.[3]


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