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Bass Communion
Years active1994–present
LabelsHeadphone Dust
Burning Shed
Tone Float
Associated actsPorcupine Tree
WebsiteSteven Wilson Headquarters
MembersSteven Wilson

Bass Communion is a side project of Steven Wilson, best known for his lead role in the rock band Porcupine Tree. Records released under the name "Bass Communion" are in an ambient or electronic vein - lengthy drone-heavy compositions. They come about as experiments in texture made from processing the sound of real instruments and field recordings.[1]

Bass Communion's albums have often featured collaborations from other musicians, including Robert Fripp of King Crimson, saxophonist Theo Travis, Bryn Jones (also known as Muslimgauze), and Vidna Obmana.


Bass Communion has origins in Steven Wilson's earliest work as a musician. Taking influence from German experimental electronic music artist such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzler, Wilson, along with childhood friend Simon Vockings, formed the group Altamont in 1983. Wilson and Vockings experimented with primitive analog synthesizers, recording the performances live, without the use of multitracking. These recordings were compiled on the tape Prayer for the Soul in September 1983 and released on the Acid Tapes label, then run by future Imaginary Records boss, Alan Duffy.[1][2]

By the 1990s, Wilson began to notice an increasing amount of music inspired by the same experimental artists who inspired Altamont. Hearing artists such as Paul Schutze and Biosphere, Wilson felt that it was an ideal time to revisit experimental electronic music.[2] The first self-titled Bass Communion album, often referred to as Bass Communion I, was released in April 1998.




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Various artists[edit]

  • Behind These Silent Eyes (Parts I-IV) (17:50), a construction by Bass Communion on the album of Theo Travis : Slow Life 2 LP Tonefloat – TF31 (2007)

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