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Batavia may refer to:

Historical geographical uses[edit]

  • Batavia (region), a land inhabited by the Batavian people during the Roman Empire, today part of the Netherlands
  • Batavia, Dutch East Indies, present-day Jakarta, the former capital of the Dutch East Indies (1619–1949)
    • Old Batavia, the original downtown area of Jakarta
    • Jakarta, the modern-day city, capital of Indonesia
  • Batavian Republic, the Netherlands from 1795 to 1806 as a French vassal state, Batavia being the Latin name of the Low countries
  • Passau, Germany, called Batavis or Batavia by the Romans

Contemporary communities[edit]


United States[edit]


  • Batavia, a type of lettuce with broad flat leaves
  • Batavia (opera), by Richard Mills
  • Batavia (ship), a ship of the Dutch East India Company shipwrecked on her maiden voyage on the coast of Australia in 1629, or a twentieth-century replica of the same ship
  • Batavia Air, an Indonesian airline
  • Batavia Institute, a registered historic place in Batavia, Illinois

See also[edit]

  • Batavians, a Germanic tribe living during the Roman Empire in the area of the Rhine delta
  • Betawi people, named after Batavia, Dutch East Indies
  • Batavia Road, an anchorage in Western Australia
  • Batavia Road (boat), one of the first boats used for a commercial tourist operation in the Houtman Abrolhos