Battle of Andong

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Battle of Andong
Part of Korean War
DateJuly 1950
LocationAndong, South Korea
Result South Korean victory
 South Korea  North Korea
Casualties and losses
Unknown 600 dead
11 tanks

The Battle of Andong was a fight between North Korean and South Korean units in late July 1950. It was an early maneuver of the Korean War.[1]

The North Korean 12th Division attempted to advance through this city on its way to the Pusan Perimeter, but on the way it was opposed by the South Korean 8th Division and the South Korean Capital Division. The ensuing battle destroyed much of both the 8th and 12th divisions, but the 12th suffered the heaviest damage; air attacks killed 600 from the division, 11 of the division's 30 tanks were destroyed, and the division commander had been killed. The 12th Division, exhausted, had to cease its advance.[2]


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