Battle of Orel

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The Battle of Orel was an engagement fought on October 20, 1919, during the Russian Civil War, between the Communist Red Forces, and the Anti Communist White Russian Forces.

Anton Denikin's White Russian forces had been pushing towards Moscow. They engaged with the Red forces at Orel, about 200 miles from Moscow.

The Red Communist forces were led by Aleksandr Yegorov. The Whites Russian forces were led by Vladimir Mai-Maevski. The Communist forces were defeated and the Whites Russian forces under Mai-maevski occupied the city.[1]

Mai-maevksi volunteer army had access to 5 tanks, armoured trains, armoured cars and artillery, however the slower moving forces were largely not involved at Orel, as they were left behind by the faster moving general columns

This was the closest the White Russian forces got to Moscow in the Russian civil war, they were turned back after this and retreated.[2]


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