Battle of Quiapo

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Coordinates: 37°26′22.92″S 73°35′9.50″W / 37.4397000°S 73.5859722°W / -37.4397000; -73.5859722

Battle of Quiapo
Part of Arauco War
Date December 13, 1558[1]
Location Vicinity of Quiapo, Arauco Province, Chile
Result Spanish Victory
Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg Spanish Empire Lautaro flag.svg Mapuche
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg García Hurtado de Mendoza Lautaro flag.svg Lemucaguin [2] or Caupolicán the younger [3]
200[4] 7,000 - 8,000[5]
Casualties and losses
? 300 killed many captured [6]

Battle of Quiapo in the Arauco War was the final battle in the campaign of García Hurtado de Mendoza against the Mapuche under the toqui known as Lemucaguin or Caupolicán the younger. It was fought in Quiapo, Arauco Province, Chile on the December 13, 1558.


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