Battle of the Segre

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Battle of the Segre
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Niu ametralladores 1508.jpg
Bunker at Bellpuig, Urgell
Date 4 April 1938 - 3 January 1939
Location Near the Segre and Noguera Pallaresa River banks
Result Francoist victory
Spanish Republic Francoist Spain Rebel faction
Commanders and leaders
Hernández Saravia
Juan Perea
Francisco Galán
Gregorio Jover
Enrique Líster
Fidel Dávila Arrondo
José Solchaga
José Moscardó
Agustín Muñoz Grandes
Levantine Army ca. 180,000 troops Northern Army ca. 180,000 troops
Casualties and losses
high high

The Battle of Segre is the collective name of a series of battles that took place along the Segre River between 4 April 1938 and the 3 January 1939, during the Spanish Civil War after the Nationalist Faction had broken the lines of the Spanish Republican Army in the Aragon Offensive.

Although seldom mentioned in historical works, it was one of the most protracted battles of the Civil War.


After having been overwhelmed in Aragon, the Segre River became for the Spanish Republic a crucial line not only for halting the devastating eastward advance of the rebel armies, but also to ensure that the vital hydroelectric dams of the Pre-Pyrenees did not fall in Francoist hands.[1]

Beginning in April there were constant battles in the Segre Front along a long defensive line of republican positions and fortifications. During most of 1938 there would be numerous attacks, counterattacks and skirmishes from both sides along the Segre River.[2] A great number of manpower and material was sent to the Eastern Army of the newly created Eastern Region Army Group in that front. The Spanish republic was able to hold unto that line until the beginning of January 1939 when it became impossible to keep holding the resistance in the Segre against the overwhelming pressure of the rebels.[1]

Photographer Robert Capa took pictures of the Spanish Republican Navy Marines of the 151 Brigada Mixta who fought in this battle.[3]

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Coordinates: 41°37′0″N 1°0′1″E / 41.61667°N 1.00028°E / 41.61667; 1.00028