Battle of Guadarrama

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Battle of Guadarrama
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Surrender of Red Soldiers, Somosierra, Madrid - Google Art Project.jpg
Surrender of Republican militiamen in the Somosierra area
Date24 July 1936
Result Republican victory

Spanish Republic

Francoist Spain Nationalist Spain

Commanders and leaders
José Riquelme
Julio Mangada
José María Galán
Francisco Galán
Fernando Condés 
Enrique del Castillo 
Cipriano Mera
Juan Guilloto León
Emilio Mola
Lisardo Doval
Ricardo Serrador
García Escámez
Carlos Miralles 
Onésimo Redondo 

The Battle of Guadarrama (Spanish: Batalla de Guadarrama, also known as Batalla de Somosierra) was a battle involving troops loyal to the Second Spanish Republic in the Guadarrama Range at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.


On 18 July 1936, at the time of the coup of the pro-Fascist generals, rebel General Emilio Mola developed a plan to take Madrid by storm sending troops from Navarra at great speed across the Somosierra Pass.[1]

The battle took place on 24 July when the rebel troops formed by Carlist and Falangist units, the former led by Colonel Ricardo Rada, reached the area and occupied the village of Braojos and the Villavieja railway station. But towards the heights of the range they were fought back by loyalist troops commanded by Captain Francisco Galán.[1]

After fierce battles, the Republican troops, which included different militias, as well as the newly formed Fifth Regiment, were finally successful in repelling the attempted invasion of the capital.[2]

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