Battle of Tomaszów Mazowiecki

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Battle of Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Polish: Bitwa pod Tomaszowem Mazowieckim) refers to the battle on 6 September 1939 near the town of Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Second Polish Republic, during the Invasion of Poland.

The area was defended by Polish 13th Infantry Division under Col. Władysław Zubosz-Kaliński, and Germany's assault was carried by two armored divisions of the 16th Panzer Corps. After the day-long battle, German forces broke through the Polish defences and took the town. Polish 13th Division sustained heavy losses and was forced to retreat towards Warsaw.

Coordinates: 51°32′00″N 20°01′00″E / 51.533333°N 20.016667°E / 51.533333; 20.016667