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First edition (publ. Random House)

Beast in View is a Psychological Suspense-Horror thriller by Margaret Millar published in 1955 that won the Edgar Award in 1956 and was later adapted for an episode of the television series Alfred Hitchcock Hour in 1964. It also made the list of The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time that was issued in 1995 by the Mystery Writers of America.


The story starts with a women named Helen Clarvoe getting a phone call from a mysterious woman named Evelyn Merrick on the telephone a girl named June Sullivan and Helen tells her to come over. Then she leave after they talked about something. She write a letter to a low-cheap private inspector Paul Blackshear. In Chapter 2, he gets the letter, then he call the women that she in the Monica Hotel. So Blackshear go to the hotel to meet this women. He goes to the Hotel to talk about the Phone Harassment. In chapter 3 he goes to a model shop by a women named Lydia Hudson and they about the whereabouts of Evelyn Merrick plus he meet Photoshop owner named jack terola about the whereabouts.

Then the story goes to Bertha Moore who lives in a upstairs living flat. She had a baby named Angie. Then the telephone rings it's Evelyn Merrick. She then she hanged up. Then heard a person downstairs then the she heard footsteps it was Evelyn Merrick talking

Preceded by
The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler
Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel
Succeeded by
A Dram of Poison
by Charlotte Armstrong