Before the Storm (Samson album)

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Before the Storm
Samson Before-The Storm.jpg
Studio album by Samson
Released October 1982
Recorded August–September 1982
Studio Music Works Studios, London
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Length 39:48
Label Polydor
Producer Jo Julian
Samson chronology
Shock Tactics
(1981)Shock Tactics1981
Before the Storm
Don't Get Mad, Get Even
(1984)Don't Get Mad, Get Even1984
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal 9/10[2]

Before the Storm is the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band Samson. It was released in 1982, with the new vocalist Nicky Moore. He was recruited to replace Bruce Dickinson after his departure, to join Iron Maiden. The drummer Mel Gaynor was also replaced by Pete Jupp, when Gaynor left to join Simple Minds.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Dangerzone" (Paul Samson, Chris Aylmer, Nicky Moore) - 5:24
  2. "Stealing Away" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore) - 4:22
  3. "Red Skies" (Samson, Bruce Dickinson, Aylmer, Thunderstick) - 3:46
  4. "I'll Be 'Round" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Pete Jupp) - 3:14
  5. "Test of Time" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp) - 4:09
Side two
  1. "Life on the Run" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp) - 4:01
  2. "Turn Out the Lights" (Samson, Dickinson, Aylmer, Thunderstick) - 4:02
  3. "Losing My Grip" (Samson, Dickinson, Aylmer, Thunderstick) - 3:29
  4. "Young Idea" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp) - 7:24

2002 CD Reissue bonus tracks[3][edit]

  1. "Running Out of Time" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore)
  2. "Driving with Z.Z." (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp)
  3. "Living, Loving, Lying" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp)
  4. "Pyramid to the Stars" (Samson, Dickinson, Aylmer, Thunderstick)
  5. "Front Page News" (Samson, Aylmer, Moore, Jupp)
  6. "Riding with the Angels" (Russ Ballard)



Additional musicians[edit]

  • Ian Gibbons - keyboards
  • Jo Julian - synthesizers on "Dangerzone", producer, engineer


  • Jo Julian - producer, engineer
  • Ian Cooper - mastering at The Townhouse, London


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