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Behlolpur is a town in Gujrat District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


Behlolpur is the name of a small village, within Gujrat District. Behlolpur is a locally famous and historic village located about 8 km South East of Jalalpur Jattan about 23 km North East of Gujrat City and about 20 km from city of Sialkot. It is bounded on the north, west and east by small hills and to the south by the river Chenab.


The history of Behlolpur is ancient. This village was named after Behlol Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi. The Mughal Emperor Babar also stayed in this village during his march from Kabul to Delhi. Emperor Babar also mentioned his visit in his book Tuzuk-e-Babri. After the Partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, this village has become a major centre of trade and commerce.


From the village, one can get a very good view to Marala Headworks where the river Chenab majestically winds its way into Pakistan from Jammu and Kashmir. Marala Headworks on the river Chenab are a tourist spot and are located just about 2 kilometre from Behlolpur. The Rivers Manawar Tawi, River Chenab and Jammu Tawi enter Pakistan from India merge near the village, which gives a wonderful and lovely view. It is a very attractive tourist place with very fine picnic spots.


The population is entirely Muslim. The principal spoken language is Punjabi. The major tribes of the village are the Gujjar and Arain


The village has extreme climate in summer. During the peak of summer, the daytime temperature shoots up to 45°C, but the hot spells are relatively short due to the proximity of the Azad Kashmir Mountains. During the winter, the minimum temperature may fall below 2°C. The average rainfall is 67 cm.


The high school in the town, 'Government Boys High School Behlolpur', has nurtured many brilliant students over the years, few of them moved to cities for further education and some of them are for employment. And there is also a school for girls "Government Girls Primary school".

Govt. High School Behlolpur has been one of the best schools in the district since last 2 years.

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