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For the river in Cumbria, England, see River Bela.
Belá river (Slovakia).jpg
Main source High Tatra
River mouth Váh in Liptovský Hrádok
49°02′06″N 19°42′36″E / 49.0349°N 19.7101°E / 49.0349; 19.7101Coordinates: 49°02′06″N 19°42′36″E / 49.0349°N 19.7101°E / 49.0349; 19.7101
Progression VáhDanubeBlack Sea
Physical characteristics
Length 22 km (14 mi)

The Belá (Hungarian: Béla-patak), 22 kilometres (14 mi) in length, is a mountainous stream draining the headwaters of the Váh River basin in Tatra National Park, northern Slovakia.[1] It is a right tributary, into which it flows at the town of Liptovský Hrádok. The Belá itself is formed by two tributaries, the streams Tichý potok and Kôprovský potok, whose sources are in the High Tatra mountains, and which have their confluence near Podbanské, part of the town of Vysoké Tatry.

Rafting on the Belá River (June 2010)

The Belá is well suited to rafting and kayaking.[2]