Belfast International Airport Constabulary

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Belfast International Airport Constabulary
Logo of the Belfast International Airport Constabulary.png
Abbreviation BIAC
Legal personality Non-government: Privately held company
Legal jurisdiction Land owned by the Belfast International Airport
Governing body Belfast International Airport Authority
Constituting instrument
  • Article 19(3), Airport (Northern Ireland) Order 1994
Headquarters Airport Police Station, Airport Road, Aldergrove, BT29 4AB

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The Belfast International Airport Constabulary (BIAC) is a small, specialised police force responsible for providing policing to the Belfast International Airport in Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. Officers employed by the force as empowered to act as Constables in accordance with the Airport (Northern Ireland) Order 1994 whilst on land owned or controlled by the airport.[1] The Belfast International Airport Constabulary is the last remaining privately funded airport police force in the United Kingdom,[2] however airport forces still operate in the Republic of Ireland[3] and the Isle of Man.[4]

Officers of the Belfast International Airport Constabulary are employees of the airport authority.[1] Like all police agencies operating in Northern Ireland, they are subject to oversight from the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.[5] Any serious incidents taking place at the airport are automatically passed to the local territorial police force, the Police Service of Northern Ireland.[1]

Weapons and equipment[edit]

Officers are equipped with Glock 17 pistols, identical to those issued by the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Belfast Harbour Police. The force also issues extendable batons, PAVA spray, rigid handcuffs and body worn video cameras.[6]

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