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This article is about the musician. For the American lawyer, see Ben Bruce Blakeney.
Ben Bruce
Ben Bruce - Vans 2011.jpg
Ben Bruce performing at Vans Warped Tour in 2011 with Asking Alexandria.
Background information
Birth name Benjamin Paul Bruce
Born (1988-10-31) 31 October 1988 (age 26)
Ashford, Kent, England
Origin Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Genres Metalcore, hard rock
Occupation(s) Singer, guitarist, fashion designer
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 2006–present
Labels Sumerian
Associated acts Asking Alexandria, Danny Worsnop

Ben Bruce (born 31 October 1988) is an English musician. He is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of metalcore band Asking Alexandria. Bruce co-founded the band with ex-lead vocalist Danny Worsnop. He is also a manager of a music label called 'KBB', along with Asking Alexandria's manager Kyle Borman, and runs his own clothing brand as fashion designer and owner called 'Ben Bruce Clothing'. He also intends to release a solo album later this year through Sumerian Records.

Music career[edit]

2006–present: Asking Alexandria[edit]

Main article: Asking Alexandria

Bruce originally formed the band in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2006. The band's original line up consisted of completely different members compared to that of the band's lineup from 2008. The band released their debut album titled 'The Irony in Your Perfection'. After realizing he wouldn't be able to achieve international success in Dubai, he moved back to England, Nottingham in 2008 and reassembled the band with new members from the local area, including lead singer Danny Worsnop, of which he had moved into his flat apartment in York. He carried the name over due to not wanting to bother to come up with a brand new name, so he stuck with the old one.[1] When asked why he chose that particular name, he explained that "'Most bands have a pretty shit band name, so I just came up with something. I came up with Alexandria as a human name, because people relate to humans." although the reason for using the word 'asking' is not explained.[2]

The band released their first official debut album titled Stand Up and Scream in 2009 via Sumerian and Victory records, produced by Joey Sturgis.[3] Although it didn't chart in the UK, it did chart in the US, peaking at; 4 in the Top Heatseekers, 24 in the Top Hard Rock Albums and 29 in the Top Independent Albums.[4] The bands second album, titled Reckless and Relentless, was released in 2011 via Sumerian records, which again featured Joey Sturgis.[5] This time, the album did chart in the UK, peaking at 7 on the UK Rock Chart, and also charted in Australia at 30 on the Australian Albums Chart.[6][7] They released their third album, titled From Death to Destiny in 2013 via Sumerian Records and peaked in the US at 5 and the Top Hard Rock Albums at 1,[4] and also charted in the UK at 28 and in Australia at 11, making it their most commercially successful album to date.[8][9]

2014–present: Solo[edit]

Bruce announced that he would start recording his first album as a solo artist on 6 January 2014, after Danny Worsnop's open involvement with both Asking Alexandria, his solo album, and his latest project We Are Harlot.[10] When interviewed by Artistdirect's Rick Florino, Bruce stated that he had recorded his solo album when asked about the direction it is leaning into he responded with "There's nothing really heavy about it. There are a few classic rock 'n' roll tunes on there. Really, it's a lot of softer rock stuff." and compared it to Keane or Oasis, going on to say that it is a more of a chilled rock album, he also stated that he is the primary vocalist of the album and has eased off the guitar duties for this particular album.[11] In January 2015, Danny Worsnop stated that Bruce has completed his album and will be releasing it that same year.[12]

In March 2014, Ben Bruce was revealed as a featured artist on the cover compilation album of Florence + The Machine, released by Sumerian Records, of which he covered the single Shake It Out.[13] When Rocksound queried on the sound of the solo album, Bruce stated that he'd describe it as "Chilled out. I'd honestly liken it to Keane, Robbie Williams and Oasis." and further stated that he finds Robbie Williams to be his main influence.[14] It was also revealed that the album will be released through Sumerian Records later in 2015.[14]

Other ventures[edit]

2011–present: BB Clothing[edit]

Bruce started his own clothing line originally in 2011 and existed as an online business, separated from official merchandise associated with Asking Alexandria. Ben Bruce remained inactive on the project after 27 June 2013, the last date which he added new designs to his brand, but released a statement that more designs will be released in the following year.[15]

2014–present: KBB Records[edit]

"KBB Records is a label run by artists, for artists. With my love and passion for music along with my knowledge and understanding of the music industry it's our goal to work alongside incredible artists of all genres and to create and release amazing music for the world to fall in love with."

Loudwire, Chad Childers, 'Asking Alexandria Guitarist Ben Bruce Launches New KBB Records Label'
This article is about the record label. It is not to be confused with Kelley Blue Book or KBB (band).

In March 2014, it was announced that Ben Bruce, along with Asking Alexandria's manager, Kyle Borman, had launched a record label called 'KBB', and had signed a rap metal band called 'Scare Don't Fear'.[16] The band themselves decided to sign with KBB due to other record labels requesting them to change their style of music, while Ben Bruce expressed that he didn't want anything to change in their sound and to maintain it instead, giving the band more freedom in their creativity.[17]

It was revealed later that month that Caroline Records will be in a distribution partnership with KBB Records.[18] The label's first release and the bands debut album, 'From the Ground Up', was released on 17 June the same year.[19] In May the same year, it was revealed that metal band 'The Family Ruin' had also been signed and added to the roster and will be releasing an album later the same year.[20]

When he was asked why he created the label in the first place, he explained that he loved every aspect of music and wanted to be further involved in the music industry whether it's writing it, performing it, or helping other bands, and explained that it initially started with "...groups of my friends starting bands and asking for my help to manage them. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could actually help bands that I think are worthy of being helped and deserve to be somewhere more than just giving them advice?""[11]

Current roster[21]
  • Scare Don't Fear (2014–present)
  • The Family Ruin (2014–present)

Personal life[edit]

Ben Bruce was born in London, England on 31 October 1988 but moved to Dubai when he was 6 due to his father having difficulty in finding work and believed the school systems were terrible, so decided to move his family to Dubai, which also included Ben's sister and his mother.[22][23][24] He would later move back to England in 2008 at age 19 in order to gain recognition in the music industry, which he would gain after forming Asking Alexandria.[24]

Ben Bruce started playing the electric guitar at the age of 12 after being inspired by metal bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden. Instead of learning the acoustic guitar first, he insisted on playing the electric guitar first, and would learn songs by ear.[25] Bruce has stated that some of his favourite records consisted of: Metallica's Kill 'Em All for its raw and aggressive sounds, Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction for the same reasons, and Slipknot's debut album of the same name as it was the album that influenced him into more extreme metal genres.[26]

On 24 May 2013, Ben Bruce married Samantha Cassaro.[27][better source needed][28]


Asking Alexandria

Collaborations and other songs[edit]

Song Year Artist Release
"Discovering Oceans" (featuring Ben Bruce) 2013 City in the Sea Below the Noise[29]
"Overcast" (featuring Ben Bruce)
"Shake It Out" (Florence and the Machine cover) 2014 Ben Bruce Florence + The Sphinx: Sumerian Ceremonials – A Tribute to Florence + The Machine[13]


Nominated work Year Award Result Position
Ben Bruce 2011 Altpress' Guitarist of the Year[30] Won
2012 Guitar World's Top 12 Hot Male Guitar Players for 2012[31] Won 11
Kerrang! Awards Hottest Male[32] Won
2013 Kerrang! Awards Hottest Male[33] Won
2014 Kerrang! Awards Hottest Male[34] Nominated
2015 Metalhammer Golden Gods Dimebag Darrell Shredder[35] Crystal Clear app clock-orange.svg In progress N/A


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