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Bepi Pezzulli

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Bepi Pezzulli
Giuseppe Pezzulli
Bepi Pezzulli
Giuseppe Pezzulli

NationalityBritish, Italian
  • Luiss Guido Carli
  • New York University School of Law
  • Columbia University School of Law
  • Università degli Studi di Milano
OccupationCorporate Executive
OrganizationItalia Atlantica
RelativesFrancesco Pezzulli (brother)
AwardsIn-house Community Award General Counsel of the year (2016). The Legal 500 GC Power List Italy (2016).

Bepi Pezzulli (born 1970) is a British-Italian business lawyer, corporate executive, columnist and writer.[1] He is an expert in finance, especially in capital markets, investment management and M&A.[2] He is also a foreign policy adviser, with a focus on Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States, and – specifically – a Brexit pundit.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]



Early life and education


He was born in Naples and he is the older brother of actor Francesco Pezzulli.[16]

Aged 16, he joined the "Nunziatella" Military Academy, as a cadet of the 1985-1988 class,[17] where he studied with Antonio Mele,[18] Marco Mattiucci,[18] Valerio Gildoni,[19] Ferdinando Scala,[19] and Antonio De Crescentiis.[19] Once left the army career, he graduated in Law at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome in 1993.

After his graduation, he moved to New York and received a Master of Laws from New York University School of Law in 1998. He subsequently earned a JD from Columbia University School of Law in 2003,[20][21] where he was appointed a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.[22]

He qualified as an Avvocato (District Bar of Rome), Solicitor (Senior Courts of England & Wales),[23] and Attorney at Law (State Bar of New York).[24]

Pezzulli is Jewish.[25][26] He is an active advocate for the State of Israel and the cause of Jewish pluralism:[27] he is a member-at-large of B’nai B’rith in Washington DC,[28] a Jewish fraternity; and Beth Hillel (WUPJ, EUPJ, FIEP), a liberal Jewish congregation.

Professional experience


In 1998, he took up a position as attorney at law at the white shoe Wall Street firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, engaging in capital markets, investment management and M&A work.[29] In 2003, he joined Shearman & Sterling, likewise working in capital markets, investment management and M&A.[30]

Upon relocating to London, he joined Turning Point Consulting as Head of Legal and Compliance. Between 2013 and 2015, worked at global investment manager BlackRock as Head of Legal and Compliance for Italy, Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey.[31]

In 2016, further expanding on a fin-tech expertise, Bepi Pezzulli joined Italiaonline, the largest digital media group in Italy, to lead the merger with Seat Pagine Gialle, which created the market leader in the digital advertising space and local marketing services for SMEs.[32][33][34]

Pezzulli has been a member of the scientific committee of CRST (Centre for Research on Security and Terrorism), and of the scientific committee of AIECA (Association of International Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Experts).[35]

He also has served as Non-Executive Director seating on the board of directors of Finlombarda (2017-2020),[36] and The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy (2019-2021).[37]

Public and political experience


Between 2016 and 2020, Pezzulli was the Chairman of Select Milano,[38][39][40] a conservative think-tank and business diplomacy initiative,[41][42][43] with the mission to foster bilateral relations with the City of London after Brexit.[44][45][46][47]

He currently serves as Secretary General and Editor-in-Chief of Italia Atlantica, a conservative think-tank, devoted to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, devolution of powers, free markets, fair international trade, defence of democracies. A policy research centre specialised in International affairs, Italia Atlantica is an Atlanticist and Zionist voice.[48]

Aside from his public experience, he maintains a strong activity as a political and financial journalist. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of La Voce Repubblicana,[49] the official journal of Republican Party of Italy. He is a policy analyst for the Italian daily financial newspaper Milano Finanza[50] and a pundit for the financial TV channel Class-CNBC.[51] His analyses are sought by broadcast media, such as Rai,[52] Sky News,[53] Radio Radicale,[54] London One Radio.[55] He also contributed in multiple media sources like Proiezioni di Borsa,[56] Scenari Economici, and appears on the Bloomberg terminals via the Alliance Dow Jones newswire. He is the Middle East analyst for Longitude and curates a blog on the Times of Israel,[57] following Middle Eastern politics.

Pezzulli is the author of L'altra Brexit. Geopolitica, & Affari (I libri di Milano Finanza, 2018), an essay investigating the economic benefits for the UK and the geopolitical implications of Brexit; and of Capitali Coraggiosi (Armando Editore, 2023), an essay which comments on the role of venture capital in the industrial policy mix. The book is prefaced by Paolo Savona, former Italian Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts, Minister for European Affairs, and presently President of the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa.[58][59][60]

In June 2024, Pezzulli announced his candidacy for Reform UK in the 2024 United Kingdom general election, for the north London constituency of Finchley and Golders Green.[61][62]



Pezzulli is listed in the GC Power List (Italy) 2016[63][64] and received the In-house Community Award as General Counsel of the year 2016.[65][66] He was awarded the Excellence Award at Proiezionidiborsa Annual Meeting 2021.[67]


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