Bergamasque Alps

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Bergamasque Alps
Bergamo Alps
Orobie 5.jpg
Panorama of the Bergamasque Alps from Val Seriana
Highest point
Peak Pizzo di Coca
Elevation 3,052 m (10,013 ft)
Coordinates 46°05′N 09°47′E / 46.083°N 9.783°E / 46.083; 9.783
Country Italy
State/Province Lombardy
Range coordinates 46°N 10°E / 46°N 10°E / 46; 10Coordinates: 46°N 10°E / 46°N 10°E / 46; 10
Parent range Bergamasque Alps and Prealps
Borders on
Orogeny Alpine orogeny

The Bergamasque Alps or Bergamo Alps (Italian: Alpi Orobie) are a mountain range in the Italian Alps. They are located in northern Lombardy and named after the city Bergamo, south of the mountains. Within the Eastern Alps, the Alpine Club or AVE system places them within the Western Limestone Alps, while the SOIUSA system classifies them within the Southeastern Alps.


Pizzo Recastello in winter

The main peaks of the Bergamasque Alps are:

Peak Elevation
(m) (ft)
Pizzo di Coca 3,052 10,014
Pizzo di Scais 3,040 9,974
Pizzo di Redorta 3,037 9,964
Pizzo del Diavolo 2,915 9,564
Pizzo Recastello 2,888 9,475
Monte Gleno 2,883 9,459
Pizzo Tornello 2,688 8,819
Corno Stella 2,620 8,596
Monte Legnone 2,610 8,563
Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2,554 8,380
Monte Toro 2,524 8,281
Pizzo Arera 2,512 8,241
Pizzo del Becco 2,507 8,225


Tartano pass

The main mountain passes of the Bergamasque Alps are:

Pass Location Type Elevation (m/ft)
Passo di Val Morta or del Diavolo Valle Seriana to Sondrio foot path 2,601 8,534
Passo di Venina Valle Brembana to Sondrio foot path 2,433 7,983
Passo del Serio Valle Seriana to Sondrio foot path 2,419 7937
Passo del Venerocolo Val di Scalve to Aprica bridle path 2,315 7,595
Passo di Dordona Valle Brembana to Sondrio foot path 2,080 6,824
Passo San Marco Bergamo to Morbegno road 1,985 6,513
Passo del Vivione Val di Scalve to Edolo road 1,819 5,968
Passo della Presolana Clusone to the Val di Scalve road 1,286 4,219
Aprica Pass Edolo to Sondrio road 1,181 3,875
Passo di Tartano Valleve to Tartano foot path 2,108 6,425

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