Bernardine Monastery, Iziaslav

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The church of St. Michael and Bernardine monastery
Iziaslav, Bernardine Monastery.jpg
The monastery from the west-southwest
AffiliationRoman Catholic
ProvinceKhmelnytskyi Oblast
Architect(s)Jakub Madlain, Bernard Avelides
Completedaround 1630

The church of St. Michael and Bernardine monastery is a beautiful piece of baroque sacral architecture in Iziaslav, Ukraine. It was a Roman Catholic monastery complex grounded in the early 17th century. Nowadays, it is a prison: Zamkova Correctional Colony no. 58.


On the place of the monastery there once was an Orthodox monastery of the Holy Trinity with the icon of Zaslav Madonna. It was this monastery where, with the appeal of princess Anastasiya Zaslavs'ka, the Peresopnytsia Gospels was brought into existence. The prince Janusz Zasławski was the founder of the monastery. Jakub Madlain (Giacomo Madlaina, Jakub Medleni) and Bernard Avelides were its architects. The process of building lasted from 1602 to the 1630s.

During the insurrection of Bohdan Khmelnyts'kyy the monastery complex was destroyed; it was rebuilt in 1727–1780s. Since 1797 this was the main headquarters of the order in Ruthenian Province. In 1841 the monastery was considered by the Russian Tsar as the "regular, of the second class". It was supposed to shelter the monks of the terminated units and after the death of the last one to be closed. Already at the beginning of the 20th century Russian authorities used it as the place for imprisonment of Catholic priests. In 1910, the last monk of Bernard Order in Iziaslav died; it was only in 1914 when the Bernardines managed to come back to their abode. After the Soviet occupation in 1920 monastery was turned into a prison.

The church of St. Michael is one of the one nave churches on the plan of the Latin Cross. To the south of it there is a two-storied building of monastery unit, which forms two cloisters. The typical view of this complex is formed by 2,5 stage tower.

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