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Best Of 3 CD
Bonnie Tyler Best Of 3 CD.jpg
Compilation album by Bonnie Tyler
Released September 26, 2011
Genre Pop rock
Length 215:17
Label SME Strategic Marketing Group / Sony
Bonnie Tyler chronology
From the Heart: Greatest Hits
Best Of 3 CD
Live in Germany 1993
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Best Of 3 CD is a compilation album by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, featuring three CDs that consist of tracks from Tyler's 2005 album Wings, selections from her live album Bonnie Tyler Live and other tracks from the 1980s. The album was released in September in France digitally before being released commercially in October.[2][3]

The compilation features three previously unreleased tracks; "Amour Éternel (Eternal Flame)", "Under One Sky" and a remixed version of "Si demain... (Turn Around)", with Kareen Antonn's vocals replaced by Fanny Llado, who is a backing singer for Tyler's albums, Simply Believe and Wings.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one contains 17 tracks, and disc two and three contain 18 tracks. Disc one opens with a newly recorded track, "Amour Éternel (Eternal Flame)", which was originally a hit for The Bangles in the 1980s. The track was adapted by Dominique Gorse, who edited the lyrics to include both French and English. The track is considered a repeat of Tyler's 2004 hit singles, "Si demain... (Turn Around)" and "Si Tout S'Arrete (It's A Heartache)" in France.

Disc One

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Amour Éternel (Eternal Flame) (with Laura Zen)" Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 3:25
2. "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Single version)" Jim Steinman 3:46
3. "It's a Heartache" Ronnie Scott, Steve Wolfe 3:21
4. "Loving You's A Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta Do It)" Steinman 7:48
5. "Crying In Berlin" Paul D. Fitzgerald, Bonnie Tyler 3:47
6. "Louise" Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:41
7. "Hold Out Your Heart" Fitzgerald, Tyler 4:14
8. "Driving Me Crazy" Karen Drotar, Tyler 3:11
9. "Lost In France (En public)" Scott, Wolfe 4:11
10. "Wings" Fitzgerald, Tyler 4:04
11. "All I Need Is Love" Stuart Emerson 4:46
12. "I'll Stand By You (with Lorraine Crosby)" Emerson 4:17
13. "Time" Paul Hopkins, Tyler 3:33
14. "Don't Turn Around" Diane Warren, Albert Hammond 4:15
15. "Take Me Back" Frankie Miller 5:22
16. "Stand Up" A. Rozenblat, Y. Shah, Tyler 3:33
17. "Open Your Eyes" Tyler, John Stage 3:51
  • It's a Heartache (Disc One, Tracks 3) was not the original recording, but the 2005 re-recording originally released on Tyler's album, Wings.
  • Track 9 was recorded live at La Cigale in Paris in 2005.

Disc Two

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Holding Out for a Hero" Jim Steinman 3:46
2. "Here She Comes" Giorgio Moroder 3:23
3. "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)" Desmond Child 4:01
4. "Run Run Run" Karen Drotar, Bonnie Tyler 3:31
5. "Hold Out Your Heart" Paul D. Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:47
6. "Under One Sky (Inédit)" Fitzgerald 3:25
7. "A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love) (with Shakin' Stevens)" Brook Benton, Clyde Otis, Luchi DeJesus 2:49
8. "Hide Your Heart" Paul Stanley, Child, Holly Knight 4:25
9. "I Want You" Tyler, John Stage 3:39
10. "Straight From The Heart" Bryan Adams, Eric Kagna 3:40
11. "It's Not Enough" Paul Hopkins, Tyler 5:10
12. "Simply Believe" Tyler, Stage 4:36
13. "I Won't Look Back" Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:38
14. "Gonna Get Better" Hopkins, Tyler 3:26
15. "Streets Of Stone" Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:33
16. "Total Eclipse of the Heart (Version 2006)" Steinman 3:52
17. "Celebrate" Drotar, Tyler 2:58
18. "Band Of Gold" Edythe Wayne, Ronald Dunbar 5:28
  • Track 11 was written by Tyler's brother and released as a B-Side to Tyler's 1988 single, "Notes From America".
  • Track 14 was written by Tyler's brother and released as a B-Side to Tyler's 1983 single, "Faster Than The Speed Of Night".
  • Track 16 was a re-recording of Total Eclipse of the Heart released on Tyler's 2005 album, Wings.

Disc Three

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Si Demain (Total Eclipse Of The Heart) (with Fanny Llado)" Jim Steinman, Emmanuel Pribys 3:51
2. "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" John Fogerty 4:09
3. "Notes From America" Desmond Child, Robbie Seidman 4:59
4. "Simply Believe (En public)" Bonnie Tyler, John Stage 4:36
5. "Save Up All Your Tears" Child, Diane Warren 4:24
6. "To Love Somebody" Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb 5:45
7. "No Way To Treat A Lady" Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance 5:20
8. "Crying In Berlin (En public)" Paul D. Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:47
9. "Run Run Run (En public)" Karen Drotar, Tyler 3:29
10. "Driving Me Crazy (En public)" Drotar, Tyler 3:26
11. "Lovers Again" Child 4:33
12. "Turtle Blues" Janis Joplin 4:12
13. "Il Est Mon Homme" Fitzgerald, Tyler 3:37
14. "Chante Avec Moi" Drotar, Tyler 2:56
15. "It's a Heartache (En public)" Ronnie Scott, Steve Wolfe 5:03
16. "Holding Out for a Hero (En public)" Steinman 3:46
17. "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (En public)" Child 4:24
18. "Here She Comes (En public)" Giorgio Moroder 3:34
  • Track 1 was a remixed version of Si demain... (Turn Around), with the same vocals from Tyler from 2003, with no added new material.
  • Tracks 4, 17 and 18 were recorded live in Zaragoza in Spain in 2005.
  • Tracks 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16 were recorded live at La Cigale in Paris in 2005.


Chart (2011) Peak
French Albums (SNEP)[4] 36
Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[5] 48

Chart (2011) Peak
French Compilation Charts 6 [1]
Belgiun Heatseekers Charts Flanders 10 [2]


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