Bev Houghton

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Bev Houghton
Number 96 character
Abigail as Bev in Number 96.jpg
Actress Abigail in her final scene as Bev Houghton in Number 96
First appearance Episode #1.1 (1972)
Last appearance Episode #1.35 (1972)
Created by David Sale
Portrayed by Abigail
Full name Beverly Houghton
Nickname(s) Bev
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Major star
Sex symbol
Family Claire Houghton (mother)
Nationality Australian

Beverly "Bev" Houghton was a fictional character in the 1970s Australian soap opera Number 96. She was the daughter of wealthy socialite Claire Houghton (Thelma Scott), and despite her beauty and revealing costumes was revealed to be a virgin afraid of sex. She later had an affair with Jack Sellars (Tom Oliver) which ended when Jack learned of Bev's incestuous love affair with her brother.

Duel actresses[edit]

Bev was originally played by Abigail starting with episode one of the serial in March 1972, and she became a major star and sex symbol through the role. After several public disputes with the show's producers however, Abigail suddenly left the series in June 1973, and the part was recast, with Victoria Raymond, (née Resch, a.k.a. Vicki Raymond), sister of series regular Candy Raymond, who played Jill Sheridan. Victoria step into the role of Bev with no on-screen explanation for Bev's change in appearance.

The character of Bev, was unsuccessful and was killed off in December 1973.