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Beverly Breckenridge is a musician, composer, and actress from Toronto, Ontario. She played bass for the bands Fifth Column and Phono-Comb.

In 1986, Beverly Breckenridge joined the post-punk experimental band Fifth Column.[1] She plays bass and provides background vocals on the band's three singles, various compilations, and the LPs All-Time Queen of the World and 36-C, released on the independent record label K Records in 1994. This album includes the song "All Women Are Bitches", which was reviewed by Everett True and named 'Single of the Week' by the British music paper Melody Maker. This song was later covered and sampled by two groups in the 2000s.[citation needed] Fifth Column's song was included on the 2002 Kill Rock Stars compilation Fields and Streams.

In 1996, Beverly joined Don Pyle, Reid Diamond and Dallas Good in the band Phono-Comb as bassist, recording the LP Fresh Gasoline with producer Steve Albini for the Touch and Go Records label, and touring throughout North America. A song by the band is featured in the 1997 Canadian film Pitch.

Beverly's first appearance on film was in No Skin Off My Ass, in 1991.[2] In 1992 she starred in the G.B. Jones' film The Yo-Yo Gang.[3] She also appears with Fifth Column who perform live in the film She's Real.

Most recently, Beverly composed music for the play Man-o-rexic with musicians G.B. Jones, Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras and the playwright Caroline Azar.



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